Katie’s Annoying Hair Flips, The TV News Space/Time Continuum and Like Navin Johnson, I’m Now Somebody.

My wife and I both looked forward to seeing the John & Elizabeth Edwards interview on CBS’ 60 Minutes Sunday night.  It was for a variety of reasons including what makes this couple “tick”.  I TIVOed the interview and it was quite interesting to hear what they had to say.  I also thought it would give me yet another chance to see what the big deal is with Katie Couric.  So there the interview was motoring along and during one question, Katie gives a hair flip with the toss of her head.  Her hair really didn’t move.  Then a couple of questions later she does the same thing.  Maybe it’s just a quirk .  Maybe  long-time Katie fans  can tell me this is her trademark.  I found it  distracting.    Why would an editor leave it in?

I received an email last week from a former co-worker who left the TV business just recently sharing some information on the TV news Space/Time Continuum.  His email was about a former News Director at WREG who is now in Milwaukee.  It seems the police were pretty P-Oed at one of the TV stations after one of the anchors called the wife of a shooting victim before police had a chance to inform the woman of her husband’s death.  According to the email I received, this was posted on NewsBlues, the TV gossip website:

WTMJ News Director Bill Berra said it was never the station’s intention to break the news to the family and says he was surprised by how long it took police to make the notification..

“We didn’t think we’d be telling the family 4½ hours after the event,” he explained. “I’m just terribly upset that we were put in the position of having to tell the family. And I apologize to them in every way possible.”

“In our world, four hours is not a long time,” said police spokeswoman Anne Schwartz. “We want to be absolutely sure that we have the identity of the person, that we know where to find the next of kin. If the media call and ask, we let them know that family notification has been made.” 

At WREG Berra and his second in command Shawn Briggs were known as the “Killer Bees” and really pushed hard for getting things on the air as fast as possible.  The comment from my friend who sent this email : Looks like Bill & Shawn are still pushing their reporters to report first and think later: 

And like Navin Johnson, Steve Martin’s character in the movie “The Jerk” who exclaimed that he was ‘somebody’ after his name appeared in the telephone book,  I guess I’m somebody now.  No, it’s not the telephone book but the Commercial Appeal.  It seems my post on how guessing the time and date of the U-S Attorney General’s departure from office could win you a year’s worth of ice cream got somebody’s attention over on Union.  My blog post was featured in Sunday’s CA in the Blogroll section.   This is just part of my quest for world domination.  First the Memphis Flyer, now the Commercial Appeal, next Memphis Magazine and then it’s on to the rest of the world!

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5 Comments on “Katie’s Annoying Hair Flips, The TV News Space/Time Continuum and Like Navin Johnson, I’m Now Somebody.”

  1. The GM Says:

    You’ll know you made it when one of Memphis’ finest politicans shows up on your door with his/her hand out. Until then, you’re still one of us.
    The GM

  2. joelarkins Says:

    An excellent point. In Memphis I guess you could also say you’ve made it if the FBI comes calling. Thanks for checking in.

  3. todd Says:

    before the rest of the world, make it in memphis sport magazine too

  4. First the Memphis Flyer, now the Commercial Appeal, next Memphis Magazine….

    Joe, why are you aiming so low? 😉

  5. joelarkins Says:

    Mike, I just don’t want someone to think I’m getting uppity about all of this.
    Thanks for checking in.

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