If You Can’t Make Money Off the Corruption in Memphis, You’re NOT Trying.

My morning routine is just that: routine.  I let the pups out in the backyard, turn the coffee maker on, walk out front to grab the morning newspaper and then brace myself to see what those whacky characters elected to office or who are supposed to be serving the public have done lately.  I’m rarely disappointed.  This week the Commercial Appeal has been running an excellent series on corruption in the Memphis/Shelby County public service arena.  It provided me with a better perspective especially with some of the players who got nabbed back in the 60s and 70s.  The series also shared the fact that Corruption pays in the Bluff City.   The downside is that  there is a better than fair chance you will get caught and payback can be a bitch.  Except for one group which has found a way for corruption to pay off and I’m almost ready to throw money in their general direction. The group can be found at www.snappygreetings.com .  Not only can you purchase coffee mugs with notable quotes from our local leaders such as “Don’t make me your punk”, “I must have drunk the Mississippi River”, “My life serves as a model for a lot of people”, “I got a gun.  I’ll just shoot you dead”,  and my favorite, “Hey, John is doing it.  Why can’t I”.  The tag line on the ad in the CA says ”  The mugs are new, the corruption is not!  The mugs are pricey and no, I don’t get a kick-back for promoting them.  Still, I may have to snag a couple for Christmas gifts.  Check out the website and also make sure you click on the video there as well which features Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton.  It will make you smile.  After all, you’ll need to laugh to keep from crying about corruption.

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One Comment on “If You Can’t Make Money Off the Corruption in Memphis, You’re NOT Trying.”

  1. autoegocrat Says:

    Hah! Thanks for sharing.

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