I Promise to Tell the Truth, So Help Me Blog (Part Deux)

By now the bloggers on two of the biggest trials in the MidSouth have had a chance to work out the bugs on the blogs.  Where do they stand?  Here’s my take on the coverage so far on this Wednesday around 4pm.


The folks Down on the River have made the blog on the John Ford federal  trial much easier to find.   It’s right there at the top in the left hand corner.  Thank you.  I almost gave up on Monday trying to find it.  You’ve made life easier for those trying to find the updates.  As for the blog itself, there must have been a problem getting the post to save when I checked in.  The same entry was posted three times and it was similar to yet a fourth post.  I felt some posts could have used a little more attribution so I could know who was saying what.    No bloggers for WREG are covering the Winkler murder trial in Selmer, TN which probably has more interest than the Ford trial.  I did see where WREG promises live streaming video of the Winkler trial as of Thursday morning when testimony gets underway.


It’s not quite as easy to find the blog on the Ford trial on the WMC web page.  Yes, they have the links to click on both the Ford and the Winkler trials on their home page.  When you click on the Ford icon, it takes you to another menu and there at the bottom of the list of five things in small type is the Blogger link.  There IS  a larger blog link farther down the second page. IMHO Darrell Phillips is leading the pack when it comes to blogger coverage in both trials I’ve checked out.  DP is cranking out the information and I like the fact that some photos and courtroom sketches are in the mix as well.  I don’t know if they are being added after the fact by someone back at the station or if he is doing that but I feel like they’re adding something to the good information I’m getting.   No bloggers from WMC are covering the Winkler trial live.  I know, I know Janice Broach is covering the trial and writes a blog at the end of the day on what happened but it’s not the same as attempts to bring you the blow-by-blow account of what’s going on.  No word on whether WMC will offer streaming video from the courtroom when testimony gets underway Thursday.  (A note about WMC’s webpage on both trials.  They’ve got waaaaayyyy too much stuff on the webpage especially on the Winkler trial.  Things (almost 30 items) dating back to a year ago were more distracting than helpful.  If they could thin things out a bit on the web page it would be a whole lot easier to navigate.  Same thing on the Ford page.  Just my opinion mind you.


Fox 13 is the only station attempting to blog from both the Winkler and Ford trials.  While they have links to their coverage on their home page, I found I was faked out at first in trying to find their blog coverage.  If you click on the obvious icons of Ford and Winkler on their home page, you are taken to another page but not their blog page. You have to look over to the right side of the page about half-way down to the links under the Seen On TV section.  At least that’s the way it works on my computer when I’ve gone looking.  Once you get past that,  IMHO,  their blog coverage of the Ford trial is second only to DPhillips and that is high praise.  The poster has a lot of information and is cranking out the posts about as quickly as he or she can transcribe it and upload it to the blog.  Most of the time no more than about five minutes or so will elapse between the posts.   The Winkler trial on the other hand  must be a pain to cover for several reasons.  They’ve been selecting a jury for three days and the trial is set to begin Thursday morning.  The first post today (Wednesday) wasn’t made until 1:47.  The next post wasn’t for another hour.  There may have been some technical issues in getting a laptop signal out but at least they’re trying which is saying something.  The information coming out of the jury selection isn’t knocking my socks off but things could change when the testimony begins.  No word on whether Fox 13 will try to make streaming video available from the trial.

Commercial Appeal

First, the CA makes it easy to find their blog coverage.  Their coverage of the Ford trial is okay.  They have a decent amount of information coming out of the trial and some interesting stuff to share with readers.  I’m not too impressed with the coverage of the Winkler trial.  Again, not much is really happening during jury selection but little of what I consider to be useful information has come out.  I figured the CA would blow the competing bloggers out of the water in the trial coverage.  I mean come on, you want detailed information, you turn to the newspaper.  But at this point just like you would turn to TV if you want information quickly, you turn to bloggers from TV because you aren’t getting it from the newspaper.  Maybe things will change from Selmer when testimony gets underway and the CA will shine like a beacon of light.  We’ll see.

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