Odds and Ends on a Monday Morning

If you tune in to CNN on this Monday, expect to see folks showing off their suspenders, gallouses or braces.  I thought it was just an anomaly when I tuned in to CNN’s morning news and saw John Roberts with his coat off talking to Wolf Blitzer who also had his coat off and they were both wearing suspenders.  It turns out that a memo went out from the CNN honchos to the on-air people to show off their braces in honor of Larry King’s 50 years on the air.  I almost expected the female anchors to show a bra strap or camisole strap to show they too had something “over the shoulder”.   Someone should tell John Roberts that he can take off his ID badge (it was clipped to his belt loop) when he’s on the air.  Most people probably know who he is by now at CNN.

Is something going on at the Station Down On the River?  I haven’t heard much from anyone down there as we inch closer to the change-over in management and new owners.  I did get an email from one person asking about whether it’s true that employees are having to “reapply” for their jobs.  At first blush it sounds a little far fetched but these days, who knows.  This could very well be just an urban myth getting cranked up.  If anyone has the skinny, please share.

I saw in Shoptalk that a veteran CBS reporter has started blogging in an attempt to bring a little perspective to what passes as news and how much airplay something gets.  Allen Pizzey, a 60-year old war correspondent blogs that he’s amazed that the contaminated pet food story has gotten so much play.  His bone of contention is that a dozen animals have died while in Iraq a dozen people die every day and it’s almost business as usual when it comes to information in the American media.  Check out the story on the above mentioned link.  It’s an interesting read.

I thought I was pretty much done with the I-Mess story about Don Imus until I got a You-Tube link  from a new blogger in town.  Steven Russell is a shooter at WMC and shared this tid-bit from Tucker Carlson at MSNBC.  I was not familiar with the particular guest but my wife said she saw him as he made the rounds late last week.  He had a particular take on the whole issue that made him stand out from the pack of those bashing Imus.  This man, who is black, really was dogging Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton in particular and the reaction in general.

And as I mentioned above, there’s a new blogger to check out in the Memphis area.  Steven Russell of WMC says he does all of his blogging from his cell phone.  I’m impressed.  I can barely do that from my computer.  Anyway, check him out.

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7 Comments on “Odds and Ends on a Monday Morning”

  1. autoegocrat Says:

    It is much easier for the average person to digest the idea of a few poisoned pets than the colossal mega-death that’s occurred in Iraq over the last four years. Something like one-ninth of the Iraqi population are refugees of some sort, and the highest estimates of violent deaths are close to half that number. That figure doesn’t include the Iraqis who died under the sanctions for want of food and medicine.

    Beyond a certain order of magnitude, people just seem incapable of processing certain kinds of disaster or scandal. This is why the level of outrage over Ed Ford’s utility bill was so much higher than over something like Garage-gate, which is clearly the bigger and more important scandal.

    The stories from Iraq that seem to have the most impact are the personal stories, and the conditions there are so bad that it’s nearly impossible to cover stories like that. Look at how much coverage was given to the Iraqi woman who, in violation of local taboo, made a public accusation of rape, versus the latest car bombing. The bomb stories are so frequent that a given day’s bombings are frequently crammed into a single report.

  2. Steven Says:

    Thanks for the mention. I appreciate it.

  3. joelarkins Says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere. Now, make us all proud.

  4. joelarkins Says:

    Apologies to Mr. Russell who apparently has been blogging for a while.

  5. It’s all good. It is my first attempt into blogging things “work-related.” So in that regards, I am new to the block.

  6. El Stupido Says:

    Holy Shil! I jus t saw that TV5 is giving gas away again!!! hahahahahahahahahaha These guys are so desperate.

  7. Northern Spy Says:

    Yes, Local TV LLC told us last week that those of us “who receive an employment offer” will be able to take advantage of the new Local TV LLC medical/dental/etc… package. My wife is nervous, but I’m not. The NYT station I work at is lean, mean, and quite profitable. Who would mess with a profit machine (other than Nexstar’s Perry Sook)? Overall, Joe, I’m guessing that the NYT Broadcast employees don’t have much to worry about. However, if I work for the Digital Operating Center, I’d be looking for options. I suspect something is afoot; the DOC has been incredibly sloppy recently; maybe they see their demise is inevitable.

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