Multiple Deaths of U-S Civilians…Where is the Outrage? Plus, here’s something else that’s Snappy!

Imagine that some yahoos killed Americans and there’s no mention of it in the news.  It happened Wednesday.  In Iraq.  My wife and I watched an hours worth of news on MSNBC and not a mention was made of Iraq. Not one word.  Oh, they had wall-to-wall coverage of VT massacre which is a horrible and, up until this week, an almost unimaginable event.   My heart goes out to those victims, their families and friends.  Still, what about those victims in Iraq, their families and friends.  They’re facing death every day in Iraq and their friends and families know they can get “the phone call” any day.  And those in the military are doing their job for everyone of us back here in the states.  All of that and not a single mention of what went on over there in the course of a one hour newscast.

Back to the VT tragedy, it still boggles my mind to think that such a thing could happen.  What amazes me even more is that the media has set in motion the machine for some border-line psycho to get into a mind-set of “one-upmanship”.  This guy didn’t get just 15-minutes of fame.  He’s now in the record books and has received hours and hours of coverage.  His name has reverberated from coast to coast and even around the world.  In these days of people just wanting to be famous for being famous, he’s achieved it.  And the media has helped fuel it all.  The problem is, there’s no way around it.  In such a horrific event, people want to know details and they will turn to the source that provides those details.  If you want viewers, you will provide them with the information or lose your audience.  So, you provide it or lose out in the long run.  If by chance you are “fortunate” enough that the murderer takes time to send your organization video clips and photos of you before you murder more people and then “off” yourself, then you really have no choice but to run with what you got.  After all, an exclusive is an exclusive.  The big problem is that someone out there is already trying to figure out a way to put the one-day-death-toll even higher and have HIS or HER name known across the country and around the world.  I’m surprised a made-for-TV movie hasn’t been announced although you can bet the farm that one is in the works.

And one other point on this particular rant.  It was suggested to me that if Don Imus had made his racist/sexist comments this past Monday morning, he would still have a job this morning.  It was suggested that while someone might have gotten upset over his comments, the tragedy at VT would have so over-shadowed anybody’s outrage that the I-Mess would not even have been given a second thought.  Some might say that is a cynical view on my part.  No, I just know how the media works.

And because I started out on a serious topic, let me end on something that will make you smile.  Those folks at have stepped up to the plate again and I think they’ve again knocked it out of the ballpark.  On page A-8 of the Commercial Appeal they feature their new Memphis Corruption BBQ Aprons just in time for the Memphis in May BBQ fest.  They even have a thong for those who want to be more discreet.  Back to the aprons, the ad says “nothing sticks to them” and that “one size fits all corruption”.  They also advertise a used Rolex for 55-thousand dollars OBO and suggest that you use their NEW MLGW payment plan which offers up to 16-thousand dollars credit with NO payment for years.  These folks will be laughing all the way to the bank.  ( a point of disclosure, I’ve received a “Don’t make me your punk” coffee mug and T-shirt from them.   No I did not get the thong and the thought of me in one has painted a picture I’m now trying to erase .)

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4 Comments on “Multiple Deaths of U-S Civilians…Where is the Outrage? Plus, here’s something else that’s Snappy!”

  1. Richard Says:

    What happened at VT was tragic and all the media coverage is still not contributing to an answer as to how to prevent this from happening again. Also, what can be told in hour’s time that can’t be covered in fifteen minutes or less?
    Another thing I can’t figure out is why a network newscast, such as CBS, will move their news anchor to the site of such a tragedy? Would not a good reporter do just as well?
    My feelings are that when some “news” comes out of such an event, report it and move on to other major news.

  2. JD Says:

    Joe…..I’ve been around the horn a few times and, it never ceases to amaze me that media will profile the living daylights out of the perpetrator but little if anything is mentioned about the victims. By the end of this week we will know this guys’ dog’s name and how many flies he pulled the wings off of for amusement. “Loner”….”Quiet”…..”Weird”…..”Sullen”. All of these words will be used over and over. The media leaves out one important term in his description……GOOF! There are more GOOFS floating around out there and you are right on point that records are meant to be broken. This GOOF is reaching from the morgue with this mail in rant and videos. He will continue to inflict suffering, pain and inspiration to the next GOOF by this multi-media tirade. He has made the news and grabbed our attention for a long time to come. Wonder how Entertainment Tonight will “angle” this story? Anna Nicole will get beat out by another GOOF!
    By the way……..any idea how many people have been murdered in Memphis to date?
    (See what I mean?)

  3. Joe Says:

    Looks like the sale of Clear Channel TV went through, and the buyer won’t be Local TV, LLC:

  4. Jillie Says:

    The horse is out of the barn! Measured journalism that focuses on reporting facts not rumors or speculation, is dead. I’m already seeing Joel Cheatwood’s influence at Fox News. Today they were spending an unusual amount of time on the Alex Baldwin’s rant, Virgie Arthur and the Bahama baby and Sanjaya at the White House Correspondent’s dinner. Fair and Balanced will soon become Frivolous and Banal, just like all the rest.

    One hopeful note: I’m seeing longer and meaningful packages during ABC’s Nightly News with minimal commercial interruption.

    On another note. Before the VT psycho became a murderer, he was a stalker. When is society, law enforcement and the justice system going to wake up and smell the coffee about stalking behavior. It is routinely a precursor to death and destruction. This behavior is not just an “annoyance,” as one of his victims described it. Stalking is a code word for “future killer.”

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