The Countdown for Katie, A Weatherguy in TN Leaves TV for the Pulpit, and A Former Producer DOTR Removes Any Doubt He’s a Weather Guy

It appears the suits at CBS have discovered what a number of viewers have known since late last summer: Katie ain’t cutting it. Thanks for DJ for sharing this tidbit from NewsBlues about Ms. Couric.

CBS denies it, but there’s a growing sense within the network that Katie Couric has turned out to be an expensive, unfixable mistake.In fact, Gail Shister reports in Sunday’s Philadelphia Inquirer that Couric may leave the CBS Evening News, perhaps after the 2008 presidential elections, to assume another role at the network.

Shister spoke with seven correspondents, producers, and executives at CBS who agreed to talk on condition of anonymity. Couric and CBS were a bad fit from the start, they say.

“From the moment she walked in here, she held herself above everybody else,” says a CBS staffer. “We had to live up to her standards. CBS has never dealt in this realm of celebrity before.”

It’s a disaster,” admitted a veteran CBS correspondent. “Everybody knows it’s not working. CBS may not cut her loose, but I guarantee you, somebody’s thinking about it. We’re all hunkered down, waiting for the other shoe to drop.”

I’ve never met KC. I’m sure she is a very nice person but I never found the appeal I’m told she had on the Today show. I thought it was just me. Then my wife said she didn’t get it either. My brother-in-law’s wife adored KC on the Today show but she declined to watch her at night too after she switched over to CBS. The numbers on the CBS Evening news just haven’t been good for KC. Oh, there are those who will say that she’s just not been given a fair chance or that the cards were stacked against her from the beginning. That may be true. But the reality is she didn’t deliver the numbers after the “new” wore off. Are heads going to roll for this 15-million dollar blunder? Yah, somebody will get kicked to a higher office. What a punishment. I just know that I need to get my resume in to CBS. I know I’m not national material by a long shot. But at 15-million dollars a year, I only need to hang around for about six months or so. Heck, I’d even do mornings again.

Meanwhile I got a note from a former co-worker named Joe (now living in Arizona) about a former co-worker of mine named Joe who has left TV weather for the pulpit. The Weather Joe (Joe Case) and I worked together briefly in Jackson, TN. And in what makes this an even smaller world, my lovely and talented bride Bethany who worked at WBBJ-TV in Jackson prior to my arrival, had interviewed Joe Case during a story when Elvis died. Joe Case was a DJ at the time and was spinning plenty of Elvis tunes that day he was interviewed. I saw the video recently and Joe Case had one serious ‘disco” haircut working for him at the time. Anyway, Joe left the Fox affiliate in Nashville where he was trying to predict what the Good Lord was doing with the weather to predicting what will happen to those who don’t believe in the Good Lord. Joe Case isn’t the first person I’ve known or heard of working in TV news who has considered a life in the ministry. Seems to me a former news director from Nashville who became a GM went on to become an ordained minister. A former co-worker who is now an anchor in Las Vegas said he considered becoming a member of the clergy and may harbor such thoughts to this day. I also worked with a guy in Jackson who was an ordained minister BEFORE he was on the air and eventually left TV to pursue his ministry. Maybe it’s what reporters and videographers see as they cover news on a daily basis that prompts consideration of such a move. Some cynics might say that some former TV people switch to the church because they like an audience. I hope not and I would hope the switch is to answer a true calling. After all, as ministers these folks will have more influence over others than they did when they were involved in the news business.

And finally, a Tip of the Hat to Robert  Stevenson, a former producer at WREG.  Robert tried several times to get an on-air gig DOTR.  He had been pigeon-holed as a producer and the managers didn’t think being on-air was in his future.  Robert cast about and landed a producer/weather anchor gig down at WVUA in Alabama.  It appears Robert had the last laugh.   In the 2006 Alabama AP Broadcaster Awards, Mr. Stevenson won honors as Best Weather Anchor.  Congrats to Robert.  He’s a good guy and I’m glad to see he won this honor.  It was probably shaving the goatee that made the difference.  It just goes to show you need to follow your dream.  Anyway, if you want to see the other winners, you can check them out here.


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3 Comments on “The Countdown for Katie, A Weatherguy in TN Leaves TV for the Pulpit, and A Former Producer DOTR Removes Any Doubt He’s a Weather Guy”

  1. JD Says:

    Hey Joe! Have you heard about the tryouts for traffic reporter on a couple of the FM stations morning and afternoon drives? It’s supposed to be a like an American Idol type thing.

    Lordy! I sure hope they can talk without all the imitation-cop jargon, funny man antics, helicopter background noise and drama. Most of all the mumbling.

    Things we’d like to hear: “There’s a wreck at Poplar and Holmes. Stay away from there.” Clear, concise and to the point! SHEESH!

  2. bob Says:

    I predicted this. If CBS had asked me first, they could have saved millions.

  3. I feel bad for Bob Schieffer, who was the between guy in the Dan Rather – Katie Couric transition. He was actually building viewership which Katie has now lost. And he was taking the anchor seat in a new direction by relying on reporters to carry the stories they were reporting and to be knowledgeable about what they covered. I watched him a few times and was moderately impressed. Too bad for him.

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