Best Interviewer on TV?

A good interviewer on TV makes the job look easy.  It’s not.  A bad interviewer can take  a good subject and turn it into a trip to the dentist office. On the other hand, a good interviewer can take a mundane topic and keep you glued to the set.  The good interviewer controls where the interview is going and can hold the guest’s feet to the fire if the interviewee starts going off on some tangent.  One of the best interviewers I’ve seen in recent years is Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart.  I love to see him interview politicians on his show.  Politicians as a rule just want face time so they can sell their particular message.  Time after time I’ve seen JS allow the guests to state their bullet points and then instead of accepting their statements and moving on, he challenges them.  JS will often times mix humor with his challenges and he can be a bulldog if he thinks someone is pounding sound up his rear.  And Stewart appears to be well read or extremely well briefed on his subject matter.  (I think he’s well read).   One of the things I like about Jon Stewart’s interviewing style is that he generally is not pandering to guests (okay, sometimes he does) like Larry King appears to do many times.  Yah, Larry King has a whole lot of time to fill and Stewart doesn’t.  But that’s something else I like about Stewart.  He can cut to the heart of the matter quickly and generally does and doesn’t mind putting his guest on the spot if need be.  He also can’t be drowned out and some people have tried to talk over him and it just doesn’t work.  And while JS may be more liberal, he appears to be as fair of an interviewer as I’ve seen.  People who want to learn the craft should watch what he does.

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2 Comments on “Best Interviewer on TV?”

  1. bob Says:

    Ann Curry on NBC is one of the best. She should have been hired instead of Katie Couric.

  2. Sudsy60 Says:

    Charlie Rose…..he covers diverse topics, he doesn’t interrupt his guests(much), he doesn’t make himself the center of attention and his producers give him the time to cover a topic. Check him out on WKNO2 on digital cable.

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