Where Was the Defense Going with a Local TV Reporter’s connection to the John Ford Case?

I have to admit I was up to my ears in alligators this past week so I missed testimony during the final week of the John Ford trial.  JT tells me I missed the fact that the defense attorney brought up the name of a Memphis TV reporter in the defense attorney’s grilling of a government witness.  According to the blog by the Commercial Appeal,  it was asked ifWREG TV reporter/anchor Omari Fleming was on board the yacht with Ford and a few others down in Miami.  According to the CA blogger, Omari and the station management said he was not.  There are few things worse than a member of the local news media ending up in the news as opposed to reporting it.  However, I guess the only place this information appeared was in the CA blog.  If someone else reported it, I was not aware of it.  Other than perhaps a few raised eyebrows, I guess there was nothing to it.  After all, people in the news are  allowed to have a life and can socialize with  anybody they want.  I know there have been a couple of times when  I  was anchoring that  I asked  NOT to have to write or read  a particular story because  of my relationship with the person involved in the story.  It happens sometimes.  In this situation, Mike Matthews was the lead reporter on the Ford trial and according to the CA Omari  reported on  the case  at least once although I’m not sure if it was during this trial.  I haven’t talked to Omari  so I’m not sure if it was by design or just a scheduling thing since he works weekends and wouldn’t have been available to be in court every day during the week.  I’m curious as to whether he knew his name was going to come up in court.  I cannot think of many more uncomfortable situations than to be sitting in court during a high profile trial and suddenly hear one of the lawyers mention my name.  My reaction: I think first I would “say it” and then I would “do it”.

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2 Comments on “Where Was the Defense Going with a Local TV Reporter’s connection to the John Ford Case?”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Looks Like Omari and Maya are good buddies in this pic.

    Tennessee Waltz: John Ford – Trial Blog – Maya and Omari

  2. joelarkins Says:

    Thanks for sharing.

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