May Day, May Day, May Day, I’ve Got Spam

This first day of May marks more than the time when some practice European pre-Christian pagan rituals such as dancing around a Maypole to celebrate the coming of summer.  For those of you reading this, the date has even more significance.  It was May 1st, 1994 that the first commercial Spam was sent out.  The unsolicited email announced some information about how the “Green Card Lottery 1994 might be the last one.”  However, it wasn’t the first spam.  No sir.  According to Wired , the first spam went out in 1978 from a marketer from Digital Equipment Corporation and we’ve gone downhill from there.  Now, even with filters and special software, the damn spam still gets through.  It generates a ton of money for those sending it and creates massive headaches for those of us receiving it.  I’m not really sure just how it generates so much income for those sending it.  Does anyone really buy the products these folks sell?  Yah, the lottery promoters and the Nigerian scam artists may have tagged a few people when they first cranked up but does anyone still fall for these efforts to separate fools and their money other than perhaps the occasional minister’s wife from West Tennessee.  I find spam more annoying than anything and I really wished I could find some of the folks cranking it out.  I’m generally not prone to violence but I think I could make an exception.

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11 Comments on “May Day, May Day, May Day, I’ve Got Spam”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Spam is terrible.Some of my contacts have some company filter for spam where unless your email is registered with them you cant email that person.What did I get the first time I registered? Spam from them asking me to sign up for their Spam filter service.One thing I do is never use my main email to register for anything.I use a different email addy for that stuff.

    My wife registers for all kinds of junk,She says Im wrong about it when I jump on her about using her main email. ” Look right here honey,,it says they wont give your email to anyone”. Yea Right!!

  2. Doug J. Says:

    Sure, spam takes up a lot of room in our e-mail boxes, and none of it has any value, unless you like underage cheerleaders, E.D. medications and get-rich-quick schemes.

    But think of the days when no one you know sends you anything… you log in and hey — there’s some mail. A waste of time? I dunno… I’m expecting that big check from my Nigerian cousin any time now.

  3. joelarkins Says:

    I actually meant to include this YouTube link when I originally posted but I got distracted with the E-D medications I got cheap from the internet while watching cheerleader videos. lol Anyway, anybody who has ever received an email from the Nigerians should go to YouTube and check out this video.

  4. Richard Says:

    I’m like you Joe in that how do they expect us to even look at a spam email? My internet provider has a very good filter and on occasion, I look at the spam folder just to make sure they didn’t catch a legit email. You won’t believe the amount of spam, with a lot that are duplicated!
    Spam……”crazy tasty”!

  5. Agreed that spam is a big pain in the butt. Delete works wonders. But….what’s the difference in going to your mailbox and getting five credit cards offers a day, six magazines, five coupon books, you get the idea. I’d be all for the idea of regulating spam as soon as the US Postal Service agrees to regulate junk mail…ain’t gonna happen as they make way too much money….But what do I know.

    BTW – Doug J. are you back in Memphis now?

  6. The GM Says:

    Spam is fine but I prefer Armour’s Treet! I believe it was made in Memphis at one time.
    The GM

  7. Jeff Says:

    Armour Treet is excellent Catfish Bait

  8. Doug J. Says:

    Yes, Tommy — I’m back in Memphis and better than ever! CNN’s loss is FedEx’s gain. I’m entering my third month of working outside journalism for the first time since 1982. Memphis is a lot like I left it — hot & humid. And the pollen seems a lot heavier this year… and so do I… but I’m working on getting down to fighting weight.

  9. JD Says:

    Hi Doug! Welcome back. Would you care to discuss why the CNN gig went south?

    One of the sweet people down at 3 once got attached to CBS newspath but came back home. Quote: “they weren’t that friendly and you were never sure anyone was paying attention to you. You always felt watched by somebody holding a sword that could fall at anytime.”

    Keep your options open none the less.
    You could be selling cars on weekend daybreak like Larry Enis. (Waste of talent.)

  10. Doug J. Says:

    JD, I’d like to say it was the culmination of my lifelong ambitions as a journalist to end up at CNN, where I know I’d have the opportunity to make my mark in a major news gathering organization. I’d like to say that, but I promised my momma I wouldn’t lie in public.

    It was a job. Pay & perks were always good — where else can you get free tickets to the Braves, the Hawks and the Thrashers? But it was a very turf-oriented newsroom. Once you were pigeonholed as one thing (a writer & copy editor in my case), it’s hard to get the opportunity to do anything else. And, with the company moving its entire prime-time lineup out of Atlanta, it was next to impossible to get off weekends. I never did, and I know people who have been there 15 years — still working weekends. Plus — no holidays off. We got extra vacation time instead, but that was first come, first served — which meant some people would put in for time off a year in advance — forget ever doing anything on the spur-of-the-moment.

    I make a little less here — but with the huge difference in the cost of living — it’s as if I got a huge raise. Which is nice. Thanks for asking — and now back to your regularly scheduled blogger.

  11. JD Says:

    Hey Joe….Thanks for letting Doug reply on here. I think his information would be good advice for any of the younger set coming on line in the broadcasting/journalism field. On a previous section I think it was mentioned that the newcomers arrive with stars in their eyes and Katie C. dreams. Doug’s info should give them a reality check and a half. Doesn’t seem to be a family oriented type of long term gig.

    Now as to SPAM……….The GM should try Turkey Spam. Pretty good with ketchup and fried!

    In all candor, does anyone really buy any of that stuff they send info on?

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