You Can Now Send Weatherman Dave Brown Anywhere You Want

I like a clever promotion and WMC-TV in Memphis has one with long time weather guy Dave Brown. He’s about to celebrate 30-years as a TV weatherguy. (I’m not sure if that is total years or just at Action News 5). I received a link to an e-card last week and received another one from a reformed news guy and former co-worker, DJ. This link will take you to what looks like a bobble-head Dave Brown and by clicking on one of the five buttons , it will say a phrase long-time viewers have come to know and expect from Mr. Brown. I’m waiting for some clever person to create a similar site where Dave or perhaps other weather folks from the greater Memphis area are spouting phrases such as “A THUNDERSTORM IS APPROACHING, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES, or MY GOD, THAT SOUNDS LIKE A FREIGHT TRAIN APPROACHING, or even CAN ANYONE HELP ME FIGURE OUT HOW TO GET HBO ON OUR ONE TRILLION WATT SUPERDOOPER GONAD VIPER RADAR!” (If I knew how to create something in “Flash” I would have already done it. ) Anyway, congratulations to Dave Brown on his anniversary. I think the days of a long-time weather person in one market are becoming quite rare and wouldn’t be surprised to see in the near future that a 20-year stint is considered a long time at one place.

DJ also shared with me something else from News Blues. It seems another private equity firm is buying television stations, following in the footsteps of Oak Hill which bought the NYTimes stations. Here is the story from News Blues.

The private-equity firm Cerberus Capital Management, which yesterday agreed to pay $7.4 billion for Chrysler, is the same company that paid $185 million in February to purchase seven TV stations from CBS, including KUTV-2-CBS in Salt Lake City (Market #35) and KEYE-42-CBS in Austin (Market #52).

Final FCC approval of that sale is still pending, but the stations are being managed in the interim under a local marketing agreement. Veteran TV manager Dick Reingold, former president and general manager of Gannett’s WUSA-9-CBS in D.C., helped put the deal together for Cerberus and is likely to play a major role in management of the new group.

Cerberus is well known for slashing costs and cutting staff in order to maximize investor profit.

Here’s the kicker. In Greek mythology, Cerberus (“demon of the pit”) was the hound of Hades, a monstrous three-headed dog (sometimes said to have 50 or 100 heads) with a snake for a tail; he was also seen with a dragons tail and serpentine mane.

Cerberus guarded the gate to Hades and ensured that spirits of the dead could enter, but none could exit.


So, does that sound like a match made for operating a TV station? You betcha.

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2 Comments on “You Can Now Send Weatherman Dave Brown Anywhere You Want”

  1. The GM Says:

    What I find interesting is for a dead and dying industry, broadcast television is sure attracting a ton of investment dollars.
    The GM

  2. Jacob White Says:

    Dear Dave Brown,

    I am a graduate student at The University of Memphis and I have watched you all throughout my life. I have also watched the climate change in the short time I have been alive (24 years). All current politics aside, I have to ask this important question because I know that you are the most honest weatherman in the business. In your thirty plus years as serving as a weatherman do you feel the moral need to educate the public about climate change because of your first hand experience seeing the weather changing on an everyday basis? Also do you feel at the current rate of change that future generations will be able to change the damage that is currently being done?

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