WMC’s Loss is WHBQ’s Gain, That Dave Brown is One Smooth Operator and Can Someone Tell Me About This Raycom Thing?

Congratulations to Darrell Phillips the Internet Guy for WMC who will now call Fox 13 home. His departure was announced last week by the News Director at AC5. IMHO, DP really made the blog coverage of the John Ford Trial sing. HBQ scored bigtime getting him to come over. I don’t know the particulars about his departure although some question the wording from “TR the ND” who stated she had “mixed emotions” about his leaving. It was suggested that perhaps TR really wanted him to leave. Perhaps there is something there, perhaps there isn’t. Perhaps TR didn’t like the “cut of his jib” or perhaps Fox 13 made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. Whatever the reasons, DP promises to be a great asset to Fox 13 and WMC will get somebody else to work the internet for their shop.

Speaking of WMC’s shop, a great article in the Commercial Appeal on the 30 years of Dave Brown, weatherman extraordinaire. It’s hard to find weather guys who aren’t likeable (I have found a couple over the years who were apparently personality donors but that’s a topic for another time) since having a pleasant personality is a big draw for doing the weather and attracting an audience. Dave Brown has plenty of both and comes off these days at the grandfatherly type who is there to tell you that the weather is good or that it is bad. I’ve had the fortune to cross paths with Dave on a number of occasions, usually at the church where my mother attends in East Memphis. Dave always speaks to me and is one of those people (Marybeth Conley at WREG is another) who appears to be as genuine in person as on the air. It’s a gift. It doesn’t hurt that Dave announced “wrasslin” for years here in the MidSouth. No wonder he’s so well liked. I bet there are some folks out there saying “That Dave Brown does the weather and wrasslin, heck I wish he’d run for mayor. I’d vote for him! ” Actually according to the article in the CA, DAve DID consider politics as a career. I’m glad to see he chose weather although I would bet some folks at the competition wish he would leave TV news and run for office. That would give them some breathing room. Congrats Dave.

And I guess I’m just having a Raycom kind of day, but I got this off the Watercooler section of Shoptalk/TVSpy.   I will post the message and let someone else tell me what this is all about and if it’s happening in Memphis. Here it is:

If you work for Raycom, brace yourself for angry e-mails and calls. The company apparently is asking cable systems for a fee to carry its broadcast stations. And there may be a drop-dead date, to avoid a signal blackout.

There’s one suburban cable company which already sent a mass mailing to its customers, urging them to call the Raycom station and complain about it. They did, and it’s apparently made for one REAL long holiday weekend at that station.

So, if anybody has the skinny on this, let me know.


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18 Comments on “WMC’s Loss is WHBQ’s Gain, That Dave Brown is One Smooth Operator and Can Someone Tell Me About This Raycom Thing?”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Remember “Dialing For Dollars” with Dave Brown hosting? My Mom watched that as faithfully as Soaps when I was young.Dave has been true to Memphis.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Ken Jobe proved once again that he is a force as well as a fine judge of talent and intelligence by stealing Darrell from WMC. This goes way beyond websites. Darrell has incredible sources and will impact the entire newsgathering operation at WHBQ.

  3. Chris Julian Says:

    I’m the guy that wrote you some time ago about a certain anchor from WMC that is now in Atlanta. I interned at WMC back in 1985. Dave Brown is probably one of the most genuine people I have ever met. Even for a lowly intern, he made sure I was made to feel welcome, showed me “the ropes” of some of his toys in the weather office and always said “hello” and “good night” after the 10pm news. Jack Eaton and Joe Birch were just as helpful and friendly but there was something about Dave Brown. People would ask, “Do you know Dave Brown?” If Memphis has a celebrity other than Elvis, it’s Dave!

  4. joelarkins Says:

    Now THAT is high praise indeed.
    Thanks for checking in.

  5. Anonymous 2 Says:

    Darrell was a good get for WHBQ, but it seemed like he had to leave WMC sooner or later. He may have hit a “glass ceiling” at that station since his wife is assistant news director there.

    I’ve heard TR liked Darrell. The mixed emotions were she was sad to see him go, but happy he had a good opportunity elsewhere.

    Raycom, on the other hand, was stupid to leave Darrell in a position where he could jump ship. Now they will likely pay for that mistake. His departure leaves a gaping hole at WMC, both in their web department and the newsroom in general.

  6. curious Says:

    Darrell Phillips for Memphis mayor. Now there’s a candidate!!

  7. anonymous Says:

    Darrell’s leaving is just more of the dumbing down of this newsroom.

    Tracey is a small market news director and she is running 5 like a small market newsroom. She’ll probably just hire someone with no management experience for that job like she did for the operations manager job.

  8. anon Says:

    Darrell was a great asset to the newsroom and he will be worely missed. I agree with an earlier poster who said he hit a glass ceiling. I believe WHBQ offered him more opportunity for advancement, something he couldn’t do at wmc. He has great resources and I wish him the best.

  9. AMNewsboy Says:

    I’m afraid I don’t know DP, but I will say that (IMHO) Fox O&O Web sites need the most help. The WorldNow sites run by 5/3 are somewhat bloated… and 24/30’s site (Clear Channel design) is annoyingly bad when it comes to Flash video… but at least there, all the headlines are a click or two away when you go to their main page. For several Fox O&O stations, I’ve had to click to three or 4 sections just to find the story I was looking for.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Yeah. Um. Seriously. The newsroom at AN5 has been in good shape since TR arrived.

    As for DP. He couldn’t advance. His wife is Asst. ND. He wants to be a ND. He couldn’t advance any further while at 5. That’s the reason he left.

    As for the Op Manager. He has been a God send. Things are actually getting done now. It is night and day difference between him and the guy that formerly held the position.

  11. anon Says:

    That’s so funny that you all think that. Good shape? Tracey is great because she doesn’t care about anything except making reporters and videojournalists go out and shoot two packs a day. She doesn’t even care what they are or how bad they are. Have you watched our news lately? We miss everything story. Nobody else has to do anything and nobody takes her seriously. The op guy Clint doesn’t know what he s doing He spends the whole day walking around and trying to look busy. Tracey isnt never even in` the news room She doesn’t even know whats going on. She is real good at taking lunch that’s for sure. Even her star reporters are miserable except one who gets to work with her sex puppy every day. This place is become a joke. One good thing about Tracey is that she doesn’t never get mad. You could slap her in the face and she would just keep on smiling. I guess thats good. Peggy wasnt like that.

  12. anon Says:

    She’s a puppet for lee meredith.

  13. Anon? Says:

    Two points:

    1. Even though he has comment moderation, Joe will apparently post any comment.

    2. I’d love to see someone like Anon actually confront the people she mentions in her diatribes. Grow a spine. I say she, because it’s not too hard to figure out…a disgruntled anchoress/diva on the M-F noon show, perhaps?

  14. joelarkins Says:

    Actually I WON’T post just any comment and I debated whether to let the last three go or not. In the past, I’ve asked people who post to please play nice. Yes, when people get to hide behind the cloak of anonymity they can get more verbose than if they are gutsy enough to attach their name to their comments. All too often that set of testicles or ovaries turns into raisins when it comes time to put a name and face together with derogatory comments.
    I don’t know Tracey Rogers but I can say this: she was at the helm when AN5 won the book. Is it something she did to win it or was she in the right place at the right time. Doesn’t matter: She was in the right place at the right time. Ask Michele Gors, former ND at WREG who left one book too early and her successor got to claim the glory of the subsequent victories in the market. Yes, some people will resort to personal attacks and name calling and I let things slide on occasion. It doesn’t mean I will all the time. As I’ve said before, if you don’t like the stuff posted here and every comment has to be ugly, go somewhere else.
    One final note that I’ve discovered about WordPress. I don’t know if it’s because of advances in technology or just a better website but it gives me more information about people who comment than Blogspot ever did. Yes, you can post the fake email addresses but it still shares where it’s coming from. Is that a threat? No, just another observation.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    What bothers me about it all is that this is all just factually wrong.

    Tracy is always in the newsroom. Usually at the assignment desk proofing stories and helping wherever she can.

    She does care about the people. And the people care about her.

    Clint busts his tail at that place. Stuff is getting fixed and things are in better shape than before. Organization is there and the photogs respect him.

    Anon, you might just want to find a new place to work if you work at 1960. Because there are some of us there that actually enjoy what we are doing.

  16. anonymous Says:

    Really? Then why are you posting anonymously? What’s the difference between posting something negative anonymously and posting something positively. For all we know you’re tracy

    let me ask you something anonymous, how many people have quit since the new management started

  17. From someone who’s known Tracey for about 20 years, believe me when I tell you she knows full well what’s she’s doing. Will it be different from Peggy, thank God yes!! Though I never had the privilege of working with Tracey directly, if I were still in the business and back there, I’d jump at the chance in a minute. It would be great. Ever think one of the reasons she’s out of the newsroom at lunch is because she’s talking to other people and plotting the future? You can’t do that in the newsroom in front of everyone. Just ask Ken Jobe @ HBQ. He and I met three times in the summer of 97′ (Thanks for the the lunches at Neil’s! Ken) before my exit from WREG to AN5 in the fall of that year. I could hardly walk in his office and meet under those circumstances.

    I won’t name names, but I can tell you from a recent e-mail to a mutual friend last weekend from a long time veteran at WMC, he said “It’s actually fun to come to work again, she listens, it’s a pleasure to work here now.” She’ll do fine….

    And yes, Joe, you are correct about WordPress. It’s great with the amount of info you can see if needed. Our website is on that platform. Best thing we ever did. Excellent platform!

  18. flawless Says:

    I guess Jobe isn’t such a great judge of intelligence after all.

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