The Check is in the Mail, I Will Start on It Tomorrow and It’s NOT About the Money, We Want Our Newscast to Grow

I used to chuckle about the Three Big Lies.  You know the first two about the check and when you would start something and the third one has been interchangeable.  I’ve heard “Yes, I ‘ll respect you in the morning, I’m from the government and here to help you and I promise I won’t…..well I won’t go there since I do try to keep some standards for this blog.  The latest lie comes from the owner of a Tyler, Texas TV station.  Here’s a excerpt from the town newspaper:  The Tyler, Texas, CBS affiliate will premier its latest news anchor next week – Lauren Jones, an actress, bikini model and former World Wrestling Entertainment wrestler with no journalism training or experience.

Why do I think this is a lie?  Because the only reason you’d want to boost ratings IS TO INCREASE REVENUE and the last time I checked revenue IS money!

I’m not familiar with this Lauren Jones person although I will admit she has some sultry looking publicity photos.  As I understand, she is part of some Fox reality program called Anchor Woman.  Already she says she is finding things “tough” in the TV news business.  For their part, folks in the TV station’s newsroom don’t like what’s going on.  I’m sure the female anchor being temporarily replaced REALLY doesn’t like it.  But this is not the first time some news operation has brought in an actress in an effort to boost ratings.  I’m not sure how often it works.  Face it, viewers like to turn on the Tube and see someone on the anchor desk who is easy on the eye.  Those sitting on the anchor desk can protest how they are there for journalistic reasons but the reality is this:If you are butt-ugly, the chances of you chosen to anchor are not that good no matter how great a reporter you are.  On the other hand, if you can turn the head/heads of viewers and you can speak and be understood, most managers really don’t care if you don’t know a soundbite from Shinola.   Some folks may disagree with that but it is the truth in TV newsrooms.  So, is this the end of the TV news as we know it?  Not yet.  We’ve still got a ways to go but we’re getting there.  I will admit that with as many wrasslin fans here in the Midsouth, this woman would be a big hit in the Memphis area.  As for the TV station in Texas, I think the newspaper reporter said it best by saying “the manager decided to pull his station’s news ratings out of the toilet by stepping into the gutter.  

I think that pretty well sums things up.

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3 Comments on “The Check is in the Mail, I Will Start on It Tomorrow and It’s NOT About the Money, We Want Our Newscast to Grow”

  1. Jeff Says:

    I guess anything is an improvement when you have a Dog named Stormy on your Newsteam.
    CBS19 Eye Witness News Team

  2. Tallyho Says:

    Have you seen the new graphics at the station DOTD? They look just like WHBQ. Seriously, take a look.


  3. joelarkins Says:

    I have not but I will check them out.
    Thanks for the heads-up. Has anyone else noticed the similarity?

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