A Former Anchor/Reporter in Memphis Involved in Huge Brouhaha in Chicago

It seems a former reporter/anchor in Memphis played a role in a scandalous story out of Chicago where another reporter got the boot.  I’ve been following to some degree the goings-on in Chicago over a TV reporter who was dismissed over a situation which raises several ethical issues.  The reporter, Amy Jacobson, formerly of WMAQ,  the NBC affiliate in the Windy City, is apparently a go-get’em reporter who does just about anything she can get to the story.  Along the way she has stepped on a few toes and managed to get herself called on the carpet.

On with the story in as a condensed version as I can make it: A young woman apparently trying to get her soon-to-be- divorced husband out of the house disappeared from her Chicago suburb home.  Everyone in Chicago has been all over this story and supposedly the sister of the husband invited Jacobson over to the house of the husband perhaps to talk.  Jacobson who has the day off with her kids to go swimming, shows up at this home with her children.  At some point she is video-taped  walking out of the missing woman/soon-to-be divorced man’s house in a two piece bathing suit and a towel wrapped around her.

This is where it’s been murky until now: It seems there’s been a question as to who shot the video and how it got to the CBS affiliate where it was aired.   Now it has been revealed that a news crew from the CBS station was in the neighborhood doing a follow-up and at that point in time caught Jacobson on tape.  The reporter on the news crew is Mike Puccinelli, formerly of WMC in Memphis before he was axed a couple of years ago.  Apparently getting the boot from Memphis was one of the best things that could happen to Puccinelli because he landed on his feet quite nicely in Chicago where he works as a bureau chief for WBBM.  It turns out Jacobson didn’t get the boot just for this lack of judgement.  She was apparently tipping off police about the missing woman’s husband without getting that cleared first through station management.  There have been several issues raised about the whole situation surrounding the video of Jacobson and where the video came from and so on and so forth.  Details are on the internet.  Read to your heart’s content.


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