Memphis Shenanigans Prompt Some Funnies at Fox and A TV Interview Clip That Made My Jaw Drop

I got an email a few days ago with a link to a humorous site and I’d been planning to blog on it. Then I got another email last night that says the site is now open for business. The location is and by clicking on it, you will be transported to some stuff that should make you chuckle. What I want to know is, where does this camera-smart rodent hail from. I’ve seen it several times on pieces put together on Countdown with Keith Olbermann. If someone has the story of this rodent, even what kind it is, please share. I will have to say that while foxfunnies did make me laugh, I’m not sure who is actually producing it.  I  went to the Fox 13 website and quickly went through their webpage and couldn’t find a foxfunnies link, at least one that stood out enough to catch my eye. I think they’re missing a bet by not making this real obvious as it would probably create a big, non-news draw to the website. Having something that makes your website stand out from the others who have the same news, sports, weather and weather radar is important and could help drive up viewership. I did find that Fox 13 has a “Faith” forum page, which I didn’t know they had. Does anyone else in the market have something like that?

Speaking of Faith, I was working on my computer last night when I heard a shriek from my wife elsewhere in the house. It seems she had been listening to CNN on the tube and was watching Andy Cooper when they previewed tonight’s Larry King interview with Tammy Faye Messner. I had heard that Messner had been battling cancer and I had heard that she was down to an incredible 65 pounds. Still when I saw the clip promoting tonight’s interview, I was still stunned at how someone could still be alive at that weight. As I understand, she has quit receiving treatment for the lung cancer that has ravaged her body and is now just waiting for death.tammy-faye-now.jpg

It was back in the mid to late 80s that Tammy Faye and her (then) husband Jim Bakker ran into problems with their “ministry” near Charlotte, NC.   My wife and I were living in Charlotte in late 1988 and early 1989 when all of this was going on.  There was also a popular T-Shirt with what looked like smeared make-up all over it and it sported the caption “I ran into Tammy Faye at the mall.  I was in a little shop in Charlotte at the now defunct and torn down “Cityfair”  shopping area which was at the time much like Peabody Place in Memphis.  This little shop sold those T-shirts and as I looked up from where I had been browsing the T-shirts, I saw Tammy Faye in all of her make-up wearing glory standing just outside the door looking in at the display of shirts.  She didn’t say anything but  just stood there looking for about a minute or so and then walked on to window shop in the mall.  I will say I don’t know anything about TFM except for what I saw the few times I caught her act on TV with her husband and then comments later when their religious empire went down the tubes and the legal battles ensued.  And say what you will, this woman has been a survivor and despite what people said or what tragedies occurred in her life, she’s managed to bounce right back.  I just don’t see how she can recover from this latest round.  She says she is in constant pain. I hope she doesn’t have to suffer too long.

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4 Comments on “Memphis Shenanigans Prompt Some Funnies at Fox and A TV Interview Clip That Made My Jaw Drop”

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  2. Joe Gannon Says:

    Joe, that site is absolutely remarkable to me. I can’t believe a station in Memphis, TN is doing something like that. It’s hilarious and a great “out-of-the-box” experiment, but it’s something that most stations would be too embarrassed or afraid to do. Heck, most newsrooms don’t have any idea what blogs or RSS feeds are. That a station in Memphis is doing funny Flash animations about current news stories is absolutely incredible.

  3. joelarkins Says:

    Hey, this is some good stuff and they’re living life on the edge at Fox 13. I think it has the potential to drive a lot of folks to their website to check this out and visit other sites while they are there. I’m sure there will be some who will allege bias or that the folks at Fox 13 are “haters” but IMHO it’s not any worse than MSNBC’s Puppet Theatre or Worse Person in the World as seen on Countdown with Keith Olbermann. I applaud Fox 13 and I’m ready to buy the first can of Brasso so they can start polishing those big brass ones they have for going forward with this project.

  4. Richard Says:

    Thanks for that link Joe! Made me smile and chuckle this morning!

    As for Miss Tammy, I hope and pray that she doesn’t suffer too much longer either. I watched my wife die from cancer in less than a year after it was found in her right lung. From there to her brain and then to the rest of her body.

    Even being a devout religious person, she finally did tell me just one month before she passed away that she knew God had another plan for her and she was ready to go because she was tired of hurting all the time.

    Thanks again for the link!

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