Has Memphis Lost Yet Another Long-Time D-J and Help for the Text-Challenged!

I got an email from a person wondering if I had heard where long-time FM-100 DJ Tom Prestigiacomo is.  TP has been off the air in Memphis and his bio is not on the station website these days.  I’m not sure where he is but it has some long-time listeners upset and worried that he has been shown the road much like his former co-worker Steve Conley who was let go after many years at WMC-radio.  (At last word SC was working with one of the casinos in their marketing/PR department.  I’ve also heard we should not be surprised to see SC showing up on local radio again).  A source tells me that TP has been in contract talks recently and that is why he hasn’t been on the air. I ran into Tom a couple of months ago at a midtown eatery.  A really friendly guy, we chatted for a couple of minutes before he climbed into his yellow T-bird and left for work.  If anyone has the skinny on what happened to Tom, please share.  If he left, I hope it was on his terms and not some silly budget cutting thing.  Class deserves better than that and Tom has always been a classy guy.  I will also say he has one of the most mis-spelled and most mispronounced names in the business.

Speaking of spelling, I’ve used the text message function on my cell phone maybe a half dozen times in the dozen years that I’ve had a phone.  It’s too hard to write with my thumbs on that little keyboard.  I prefer to send emails from my home computer. That action apparently makes my a certified, 100-percent dyed-in-the-wool old fogey who is as far from being hip and as far from being on the cutting edge as I can be and still understand technology in some form or fashion.  Well, I’m not alone.  An item I ran across on Yahoo says a great deal of young people only use email for business purposes.  Most of their communication takes place by text messaging.  And get this, according to CTIA, the wireless phone association, carriers are only happy to accommodate.  Wow, who would have thought that.  It’s estimated that in 2005,  158-million text messages were sent which is almost double that from 2005.  The Washington Post mentions one teenager who sent more than 68-hundred text messages in one month which at 15-cents a piece created a tab that ran more than 11-hundred bucks.  I don’t know enough people to want to send that many messages!  I’ve seen some of this high-speed, electronic shorthand and was able to understand a fraction of what I saw.   Oh, I can get the basics.  But some of the shorthand escaped me.  Until now.  If U nEd txt hlp U cn go to Transl8it, type in your text, emoticons, and slang and hit transl8it and it will convert to regular English or vice versa.  Lingo2word has a nice feature that allows you to hover over the text-message translation words with your cursor to see what they mean.  Noslang.com translates into English only.   So if you are trying to come up to speed on the text message stuff, go to these websites.  The line forms behind me.

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6 Comments on “Has Memphis Lost Yet Another Long-Time D-J and Help for the Text-Challenged!”

  1. Jeff Says:

    I can’t wait till they make the darn cell phone keypad smaller.My wife says soon you will be able to speak a number into your cell and store it.Well like Credit Card Companies and Banks with customer service voice options it doesn’t work with a bad southern drawl.If it wasn’t for storing numbers I could barely use my cell phone. If someone wants me to call them they better call me first so I can store their number.

    My son is the king of text-messaging.He text while driving down the road and text other people while talking to me on the phone.You would think anyone who could do all that could balance a checkbook.:-P

    I guess small fingers and a young mind is best for using the text feature as I have mine turned off.

  2. chris tenstall Says:

    Tom is officially gone from FM100

  3. joelarkins Says:

    Any idea where he’s landed or if he is just taking it easy at this point?

  4. b Says:

    now i have absolutely no reason to listen to fm100…. what a shame.

  5. AMNewsboy Says:

    Don’t forget to hug your babies when you get home tonight.

    And never, never give up.

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