Another Local TV Newsperson is Shown the Door

Thanks to DJ for the first word on this from NewsBlues.  They had posted an item that another TV reporter in Memphis was given the boot Monday in the continuing shake-up  in that shop.  That reporter is George Brown and he’s been at WMC for several years.  He emailed me about his departure:

Basically I was told that the new management was forming a new team and I wasn’t part of that team. I think I’m solid on air but sometimes things just don’t mesh as we all know. I had a great six years (well, two weeks shy) at WMC and worked with some great people.

George says he is trying to decide what he will do next; whether to stay in TV news or try something else.  Apparently they are NOT going to enforce his non-compete so that means he’s available locally.  Actually that is the decent thing to do by the managers over at Union.  Sometimes managers will cut someone loose and still enforce the non-compete which in my opinion is like a dog in the manger.  So, will George be showing up at the competition?  We’ll have to wait and see.    I did share with him that “a kick in the ass is still a step forward”.  Sometimes that’s the best thing that a manager can do for someone.  There are some great success stories out there from people who got the boot.

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One Comment on “Another Local TV Newsperson is Shown the Door”

  1. Matt Trayler Says:

    Glad to see that George is over at 3. I hope that he stays in tv because he is a great reporter!

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