Odds & Ends on Monday Morning

Maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s just me but I haven’t had much to post about lately.

I still don’t have much to write about but I did want to touch base on a few odds and ends.

First, congratulations to WMC,  their weatherman Dave Brown and Andy Wise of WREG for the mentions in the Commercial Appeal’s “Best of” publication.   I will admit that I scanned through the insert rather quickly but I didn’t recall seeing anything about best anchors or best sports person.  Maybe I just missed those.  I can probably tell you who that would be anyway.

I see former FM 100 personality /dj (or do we call them Cdj now since they spin CDs) Tom Prestigiacomo is headed for another station after he and WMC-FM couldn’t come to terms on a contract.  I know this will make all the soccer moms out in mini-van land quite happy to hear him back on the air and is making the folks at Citadel Broadcasting happy now that they have a well-known name in their stable.  Some might say big deal but look at what happened when Drake and Zeke left Rock 103 in the afternoons and started the morning gig at 98.1 the Max.  They consistently score well in the popularity polls including the recent one by the Commercial Appeal.

And finally, I was looking through the “Water-cooler” section of TVSpy and saw the topic of “What’s the Worst Advice A Consultant Ever Gave You?”  Anyone who knows me knows that my opinion of TV News Consultants is not very high.  I’ve often thought that consultants were hired to help provide a fall guy for the manager types at TV stations.  If someone doesn’t work, blame the consultant.  I’m not saying that their research isn’t or can’t be sound.   And from what I’ve seen, some decent ideas have come out of consultants.  But there don’t seem to be many original, great ideas and if you watch any local TV you can see the same basic ideas move like a ripple on water across the country from market to market.  Pretty soon, everyone is doing basically the same thing, waiting for the next idea to create another ripple.  Unfortunately, consultants can generate a lot of crap too (at least IMHO).  And as I have witnessed, their advice can turn 180-degrees when they return in six months or however often they visit.   I’ve often wondered if the managers, sitting there with the news types when the consultant is sharing his or her vision, are thinking, “this person is really pounding sand up my rear” but we’ve got a contract and paying them big bucks so I’m backing this person to the hilt. ”  I’ve seen some managers who buy into everything and I mean everything that comes out of a consultant’s mouth.  Others will take the time to sift through and cherry pick the relatively good ideas and toss the rest.  Hey, at least by employing consultants you’re keeping them off the streets where they might otherwise try to play in traffic.

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4 Comments on “Odds & Ends on Monday Morning”

  1. Todd Says:

    So where is Tom PRESTIGIACOMO going to ?

  2. Todd Says:

    Oh, Got it now, here’s Tom’s “My Space” page… may be helpful to his fans.


  3. joelarkins Says:

    Sorry about that Todd. The station that Tom P is going to is the up-to-now CD-J-free Kim 98.8 and he starts August 20th.
    Again, my apologies.

  4. Doug J. Says:

    Never apologize Joe. It’s a sign of weakness. At least that’s what John Wayne always told me. (Sorry if you’ve heard that one before)

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