What Would Elvis Do?

As I read the morning paper and saw the huge number of events during Dead Elvis Week (Elvis International Tribute Week) in Memphis it occurred to me:What Would Elvis Do if he were to somehow witness what is going on these days regarding his legacy.  I’m not quite up to speed on all things Elvis, but it seems to me that there WERE a handful of impersonators prior to his death.  Afterwards, wannabe Elvites came out of the woodwork.  Some were downright nasty and gross looking and looked about as much like Elvis as I do and I don’t. But hey, maybe they were attempting to get a life (it just so happened to be somebody elses.) So now we have more jumpsuits and mutton chop sideburns per capita than anywhere else in the world, at least  for this week.  I’m sure with the brutally hot weather more than one Elvis wannabe has been singing about  “Burning Love” and  how they  got “the fever” here in Memphis.  But, am I’m not saying the King is NOT watching over all of this, what would Elvis think about the weeklong events surrounding the 30th anniversary of his passing.  Would Elvis be flattered or would he be appalled at the whole thing?  Would he be P-Oed that he’s made more money dead than he did when he was alive?   Would he grab each individual attending the festivities by the lapels and shake them telling them that they need to get a life and stop trying to live his?  Don’t get me wrong, Elvis does a lot for the city of Memphis in terms of tourism and is probably as grossly under-appreciated as any resource this town has at least when it comes to the locals.  But what would the King think looking at this one week and how people have turned out?

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7 Comments on “What Would Elvis Do?”

  1. The GM Says:

    The sad fact is that Elvis was so minipulated by those around him (the Colonel) that things would be about like they are now except he’d be in the middle of it all. The poor, country boy was kept in a drug induced daze for others to profit from his talent. Yep, it would be like that today.

    To quote Lewis Grizzard “Elvis is dead and I don’t feel too good myself.”

    The GM

  2. the tall tv guy Says:

    I think he would be shocked at how much attention and fan loyalty he still has 30 years later.

    He would probably be upset at how his career was mishandled, especially the last five years or so.

    The best thing to happen was the recent sale to a bigger operator with deep pockets and a vision for the future.

  3. Jeff Says:

    Is Graceland is the one Surviving tourist attraction in Memphis that actually turns a profit and draws folks in from out of town without having tons of security from MPD ?

  4. Jeff Says:

    Is Graceland the one Surviving tourist attraction in Memphis that actually turns a profit and draws folks in from out of town without having tons of security from MPD ?

    typo on the first one,,sorry Joe

  5. joelarkins Says:

    Blame it on the heat. that’s what I’m doing these days.

  6. Doug J. Says:

    I hesitate to say anything (one of our old compardres tells me he’s tired of seeing my comments on the blog — he says he’s kidding — but a lotta folks are tired of me, so I don’t know…)

    Anyway, all I’m saying is Elvis probably would have been fine with everything, ’til Lisa Marie brought Michael Jackson home. The King probably would have wondered why his daughter was marrying a crazy white woman — or whatever Mike has morphed into.

  7. joelarkins Says:

    Doug. I appreciate your comments and you can tell our old compadre to, in the words of Ann Landers to “MYOB”. As for Elvis, I’m not sure which might cause him more concern these days, looking out a window and seeing hundreds if not thousands of people who look and dress like him when he’s on stage or knowing that wackiness runs in the family.

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