One More Mention of Elvis and Thank Goodness for Depressions of the Tropical Type!

As we wrap up All Things Elvis here in the Memphis area, some of us forget that the MidSouth is NOT the only place where they are celebrating the life of the King of Rock and Roll.  No, I’m not talking about Tupelo either.  I walked by the TV set which was tuned to MSNBC and I heard the female anchor admonishing the reporter for not wearing some kind of Elvis jumpsuit or other paraphernalia.  When I glanced at the set, I noticed five people, four men and one woman, all wearing jumpsuits of some sort and crooning Elvis songs so I figured it was a live shot from somewhere in Memphis.  It was not.  It was Israel where I really didn’t expect to see (and perhaps people who live there don’t either) Elvis Tribute Artists or impersonators, for those who want to call them what they are.  The male reporter, whose name escapes me, mentioned that on this 30th anniversary of Elvis’ death, “what better place to honor him than in a country known for its resurrections”. (For those who haven’t given it much thought, Israel does have the highest resurrection rate in the world. It’s just one but that’s still higher than anywhere else, at least to my knowledge.)   So, for those celebrating Elvis,  you’ve got a lot of company elsewhere in the world.  And  one final note on this topic.  My lovely and talented bride and I joined her stepmother  last night to celebrate her stepmother’s birthday.  Her stepmother, who is such a delightful person and quite conservative, mentioned in passing that she would like to attend next year’s candlelight vigil at Graceland to see what it was all about.  Maybe it was the fume’ blanc talking but when all was said and done the three of us decided to “make a date” for next year’s vigil.  I just hope it’s not as hot.

And speaking of hot, the heat just isn’t sexy at least when it comes to weathergasms.  I’ve felt so sorry for the people on The Weather Channel.  You can practically seem them salivating at the thought of a depression in the tropics which could turn into some kind of storm.  But all they’ve had recently is heat.  Heat doesn’t have you doing anything but sweating.  It doesn’t blow your hair or make you hang on to something and threaten to blow you away when the cameras are rolling.  It just makes you sweat and sweat and sweat.  Sweating doesn’t make for sexy TV unless you’re not wearing any clothes and ……okay, let me rephrase that.  Sweating doesn’t make good WEATHER video.  So I actually felt sorry for TWC’s Jim “I Love Me Some Hurricanes” Cantore   who was flown to Hawaii for the pending arrival of the big storm and it fizzled.  He looked so forlorn.  Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen TWC send anyone to Hawaii for storm coverage.  Mother Nature is finally helping just a bit by sending some kind of tropical disturbance to the Gulf off the Texas coast.  It wasn’t much but hey, it beats the heat and doesn’t break anyone’s budget getting there.  Now, if we could just get some rain here in the MidSouth.

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6 Comments on “One More Mention of Elvis and Thank Goodness for Depressions of the Tropical Type!”

  1. curious Says:

    does wmc have a sat truck? i see they have posted a sat operator on their website.

  2. joelarkins Says:

    I’m not sure on that. I know in years past they have relied on Doug Viar out of Jackson, TN to provide those services. I also know that a couple of years ago that Raycom was considering buying several sat trucks at one time to get a price break on the deal. I’m not sure that ever went through.

  3. Memphistv Says:

    They’re getting one this Fall. It’s a cheap one, Sprinter. Instead of putting new equipment in it, I’m told they’re stripping some very old live truck and putting that stuff in there.

  4. anonymous Says:

    they’ve been saying “this fall” for three years at least. They’ve hired several photographers in recent years by promising they’d be the sat truck op when “it comes in in a few months.”

    don’t hold your breath. do some research before applying

  5. mbenger Says:

    Remind us to join you at the candlelight vigil. I never thought I’d even hear you say you would go to something like that, so I want to be there to experience you experiencing it.

  6. joelarkins Says:

    Hey, you know the date. I’ll start growing my sideburns and the shape that I’m in, I’ll look like the “King” in his later years. Now, if I can just find a jumpsuit…..

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