How About That Expanded TODAY show, How to REALLY Imbed your Logo on Your Video and Why I Still Can’t Watch Anniversary Coverage of the 9-11 Attacks

I must have missed all of the hoopla about the Today show expanding another hour on most of your NBC stations. I was out of pocket and didn’t get to see what it looked like although I was told that Matt and Meredith don’t have to stick around for that hour. Maybe they just need to pay them more. It will be interesting to see how this extended Today show works out. I’m not sure if the suits figure America just can’t get enough of TTShow or perhaps they’re trying to reach a new audience that is finally getting back home after dropping off the kids at school or where ever. On the other hand they may find that the theory of “if some is good, then more will be better” may not work out too well. I will admit I never watched TTS mainly because I was either working during that time or that neither Bryant (before I started working mornings) nor Katie (after I came off mornings) did much to float my boat. And wouldn’t you know it, they both ended up at CBS where they discovered they hadn’t/haven’t floated CBS’ boat either. Anyway, I’d be curious as to how the numbers look in the Memphis market after November when the big promotional hype has come and gone.

For years now, various networks and later local stations have used “bugs” in the corner of the screen to keep their identity before the viewers. The theory was in part that with people surfing the channels, they always wanted the viewers to know which network or station they were watching if the channel hopping stopped on them. Also, if somebody recorded the program for viewing later, the identity went with the video. I’ve posted lately that some of the animated bugs with their accompanying sound effects are annoying. (FX are you listening?) But one source of video from south of our border apparently wanted to make no mistake about where some footage came from. I was watching CNN Sunday night and saw some footage of whatever was going on. What caught my eye was not the video but the fact that it looked like the folks who dubbed off the video had placed not one, not two, not three but a couple dozen translucent logos or bugs as a background to the original video. I couldn’t make out the logo but it was everywhere. Perhaps someone else has seen that video or know what I’m talking about. Will we one day see the translucent logos of sponsors appearing across the background of the shows we are watching?  Along those lines, I did see (and I can’t remember which cable network I was watching) a clever ploy by sponsors to keep the viewer tuned in during commercials.  Any body involved in running a station or network knows that thanks to TIVO and other video recorders that people like me speed through commercials.  How to get a viewer to viewer to NOT zap a commercial is the Great Question with a Much Sought After Answer.  One network has made some head way IMHO.  Much like the enhanced versions of movies where they put trivia at the bottom of the screen during the show (AMC does this once a month)  one show ran some trivia at the bottom of the screen during some commercials. I love trivia and could not keep from watching during the commercial. For some reason they only did this during the first part of the commercial break. Of course I couldn’t tell you what the commercial was but hey, at least I watched!

And finally, I will make an effort to once again NOT watch any of the anniversary coverage of 9-11. I just can’t explain it but I’ve recorded shows on previous anniversaries of 9-11 and could never bring myself to watch them. I find I still have a mixture of anger and helplessness stemming from all the events of that day and I just have not been able to overcome any of it. On top of everything else, so much bloodshed has stemmed from that day. I hurt for the victims of that day and their families and I hurt for the victims and their families of the violence and bloodshed since. So for those producing specials to mark the anniversary, you won’t have to worry about anyone watching from the LarkSmith household.

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7 Comments on “How About That Expanded TODAY show, How to REALLY Imbed your Logo on Your Video and Why I Still Can’t Watch Anniversary Coverage of the 9-11 Attacks”

  1. jason Says:

    about those bugs in the lower portion of the screen. if you watch the same station long enough, that image gets burned into the screen. mom has the wave 3 logo permanently burned into the lower right hand corner of her screen. someone needs to come up with screen savers for televisions.

  2. joelarkins Says:

    Wow, talk about station loyalty. She’s the kind of viewer that local stations love!

  3. The GM Says:

    Regarding the 9/11 tributes, et al. I watch as many as I can because I never want to forget the feeling of that day. It is important to remember we were attacked — not our military or a military target, but innocent civilians going about their dail business. It’s a shame so many people want to put that memory in a corner and rationalize our perdicament in the world based on what is good for one’s particular political party(I’m generalizing, not accusing you, Joe, of thinking this way). The enemy came to our shores and attacked us. We must root them out and destroy them before they destroy us. They will continue to try. They are patient and will strike again when we drop our guard. Leaving Iraq, Afghanistan or any other front in the War on Terror before the job is complete might give us temporary solace but long-term pain.
    The GM

  4. joelarkins Says:

    No offense taken. Part of my anger over 9-11 stems from the fact that it was civilians and not military that was targeted. I have no doubt that those involved in the planning and the execution of the 9-11 attacks wanted to kill as many American civilians and cause as much damage to the American psyche as they could and that those same forces want to kill many more Americans both civilian and military and their allies. These folks have an agenda and they will use whatever reasoning they can, religious and otherwise to achieve their goal.
    I don’t know that my frustration/anger/helplessness would be eased if bin Laden had been captured or killed since 9-11. I agree with The GM in that we must root them out and destroy them before they destroy us and it appeared for a while we were doing that before we as a country got distracted and took our eyes off the target. We were close but alas, no cigar. Now we find ourselves much like the person who stepped into a nest of fire ants as he’s walking along hunting. All the biting and stinging of the ants has distracted us and made us lose sight of the fact that our first and real target was somewhere up ahead. If we hadn’t stepped into the fire ants’ home to begin with, they wouldn’t have bothered us. But, we did now we’re busy taking care of that problem. Plus, I’ve gone and gotten into a political discussion on this blog which wasn’t my intent and that means I’ve stepped where I SHOULDN’T HAVE. I expect the fire ants will be swarming on me now.

  5. the tall tv guy Says:

    I can’t figure out why Ch. 3 will have their logo on in the news shows in the morning with the time and temp, but during the 10 pm news, the logo is there, but no time and temp.

    A few years ago, I watched a sporting event at Jillian’s downtown. Three of their big screens had burn in patterns of ESPN, ESPN2, and Fox sports. Guess they never thought about rotating the channels to avoid that from happening.

    For many of us, 9/11 will be our Pearl Harbor. It reminds me that we live in a different world and a different enemy.

  6. The GM Says:

    Great analogy with the fire ants. With you being an outdoor person, let me take it a step further. If we hadn’t stepped in their nest, they wouldn’t bother us. Correct. However, if you found a nest on your land or in a place that you knew if left unbothered, they would eventually be an issue for you to deal with, would you go ahead and deal with them now?

    I, like you, don’t want to take your good blog and make it political. I only want to help people understand we’re now in the middle of the nest and we have to continue on with this or we’ll be overrun with fire ants. Our broad ocean borders no longer protect us. This is the great fight of our generation. Are we up to it?
    The GM

  7. bob Says:

    Are you up to it? Have you enlisted yet, Gonads Maximus?

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