Now I Know Where to Go for My Breaking News in Memphis

Anyone who knows me knows I do a fair job of keeping up with what’s going on in the news locally and nationally. Oh, I still have trouble saying the name of the president of Iran but I know his name and what he’s about. When news breaks and I’m around a computer, I generally know where to go for my info. That picture is even more clear now. I was working on a project on my computer when my wife tells me that MSNBC is reporting that Memphis International Airport is shutdown because of a communications systems failure. My first move was to go to WMC’s website since they are the NBC affiliate. I see they have a blurb at the top of their page and I click on it and seconds later I’m watching what appears to be a live feed from their chopper (it may have been video recorded earlier) which is over Memphis International. Still it had the moving pictures. It looked good. Then, I figured I’d switch to see the view from the other chopper in town. I went to WREG’s website and surfed and surfed and didn’t find anything. No mention of the story and no video. If it was there, they made it hard to find. I then went to WHBQ Fox 13 and they had information but no video at least that I saw. I then slipped over to WPTY and they had information but no video. I then went back to WREG thinking maybe I just hadn’t looked hard enough. I still didn’t find it. The Red Chopper may have been in the air and on TV but it wasn’t on my computer. Maybe that communications outage was spreading. I better sign off this post before it hits my computer.

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5 Comments on “Now I Know Where to Go for My Breaking News in Memphis”

  1. the tall tv guy Says:

    Isn’t it funny…with all the promos and consultants trying to convince you to watch our newscast because we’re the leader or we have the most advanced gillion watt 3-D radar, when it comes to breaking news, these stations are inconsistent in getting the news out to the public. Ch. 5 ran a crawl message about the airport problems, I guess before they got the chopper out there.

    If something like this happened on the weekend, when would we know about it? The late newscast or early Monday morning?

  2. george Says:

    Sorry Joe,
    The one day I take off and something big has to happen!

  3. joelarkins Says:

    Well, that explains what happened. Just remember, it’s all about…….timing!

  4. be alert Says:

    breaking news knows no time table. just because your off doesn’t mean breaking news will take the day off too. crosstrain your people. have someone…anyone…. producer, assignment editor, etc…be on standyby to post breaking news on the web in your absence. taking the day off is no excuse to be sloppy on the web. viewers want the info fast and now…they can’t wait till you get back from you day off. hopefully you’ve learned your lesson…the next time there’s breaking news i want to see it first on

  5. george Says:

    Lesson learned and you did with Taylor Bradford.

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