It’s Election Day in Memphis so Vote Early and Vote Often, and Congrats to the “Best of Memphis” Winners and Almost Winners

I love elections. I really do. I have voted in just about every election where I have lived since I was old enough to vote. I take voting very seriously. I do hate the “robo-calls” that tie up my phone lines the few days before a heated election. I think those computer generated calls do more harm than good and they have caused me to have negative feelings about the person the calls are supposed to help. That’s not going to stop the calls but maybe somebody, somewhere might start getting a clue that the calls are obnoxious. The mayor’s race in Memphis is the one so many are focused on. My wife and I have been torn about who we will vote for. Do we want to go with the status-quo or is it time for a change. We had a serious discussion on that topic while going for our morning walk which took us past one polling place where folks were hitting us up for our votes as we hoofed it down the sidewalk. Our dogs love to go to walks during the days leading up to the election. All of the signs for the candidates provide even more targets for them to hike a leg. By the time we get the two boy dogs home, they’re almost dehydrated from a morning of hiking their legs. They do tend to hit some signs more than others. Perhaps they’re good judges of character. Anyway, make sure you vote. If you’re dead, vote twice. And just remember, when all the votes are counted and all is said and done, Memphis will get the leadership it deserves.

Speaking of all things politics, I ran into political reporter Jackson Baker at the Memphis Flyer’s Best of Memphis party. J-B is one of the sharpest people following the political scene in Memphis. I enjoyed working with J-B at WREG before a new News Director showed him the door. I always thought that was a big mistake but then, they didn’t ask me. I had a chance to pick his brain as he shared some political observations at the big “B-O-M” gathering. As I said, a sharp guy.

Congrats to the winners and almost winners of the Memphis Flyer’s Best of Memphis. No big surprises with Joe Birch and Claudia Barr as the big dogs of local TV. Joe has done well at WMC and the best thing that ever happened to Claudia was going to WREG. Or perhaps it’s the other way around. One can only imagine what Joe and Claudia might do together. Also congrats to Dave Brown. My wife Bethany ( who worked with DB briefly back in the late 70s at WMC) and I ran into Dave at the B-O-M and had an extensive chat with him. He really is a nice guy and is proof that nice guys don’t always finish last. We talked about his many years in the business (30-plus) and how things have changed. (My wife and I usually run into Dave at the church my mother-in-law attends.) Dave is truly an asset to WMC and one of the primary reasons they have the viewership they have. Again, congrats to the winners.

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4 Comments on “It’s Election Day in Memphis so Vote Early and Vote Often, and Congrats to the “Best of Memphis” Winners and Almost Winners”

  1. Doug J. Says:

    I’m sure some residents of our fair city were playing the Clash on election night — listening to “Should I stay or should I go,” wondering how they’d respond to the outcome. I gave up my place in Atlanta to come back here, so I guess I’m stuck whoever wins. Maybe I should have voted more than once…

  2. Ready Camera One, Take Two Says:

    What was most interesting was that the recent polls were so far off from the final result. Yes, a poll is only a snapshot of current data. But these snapshots were overexposed. Can you get you money back from a pollster?

  3. the tall tv guy Says:

    And just remember, when all the votes are counted and all is said and done, Memphis will get the leadership it deserves.

    Joe, given the outcome, no truer words were written. The mayor showed his true colors with his so called victory speech. Talk about a sore winner!!

  4. The GM Says:

    Mayor Herenton wins a record fifth term!
    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. When will the fine folks of my hometown wise-up?

    Memphis, where Detroit meets New Orleans!

    The GM

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