Good News for Those Who Say “I Miss Imus”!

For those of you needing to get your cantankerous old fart fix (I say that with love and respect) I’ve got some good news: Don Imus appears to be heading back to the airwaves. You may remember the aging shockjock got the boot when he referred to the women of the Rutger’s womens basketball team as “NHHos.” The comment prompted outrage around the country from a variety of groups and it cost Imus his gig on morning radio with CBS and on TV with MSNBC. Turns out he had some clause in his contract that said he had to be given a warning before he could get the boot so he got a settlement supposedly between 10 and 20 million which most of us (my wife and I anyway) could live comfortably on from here on out and still have enough left over to buy at least one round of drinks at the local brew pub. Now it appears that Imus could be going to the Citadel broadcasting group which has more than 240 stations and the ABC Radio Network. According to the article: Imus is now assembling his broadcast team, which in light of the controversy is likely to include a black panelist. Longtime sidekick Charles McCord plans to return, and producer Bernard McGuirk — who often made controversial remarks and was involved in the exchange about the Rutgers team — would be retained in an off-air role.

I will admit that there were times that a little bit of Imus went a long way but he almost always had some interesting guests from the national political scene including Harold Ford Jr, the former congressman from Memphis who ran for U-S Senate. It will be interesting to see if Imus can regain his A-List of folks who will come on board and talk or if he is still considered too toxic to be associated with. I predict there is a short enough memory among listeners and viewers in the U-S that it will be business as usual before too long.

One final note on the Imus thing. At least one broadcasting honcho says Imus deserves another chance. I know you may find it hard to believe but that honcho is with Citadel which is where Imus is going. This whole brouhaha is going to generate the kind of publicity that Citadel loves to have and don’t you know that the closer we get to the start date for Imus, the protesters will come out and that’s practically money in the bank for Imus’ future employer.

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7 Comments on “Good News for Those Who Say “I Miss Imus”!”

  1. Richard.... Says:

    Well for what my opinion is worth, I for one am glad to see him come back. I could watch his show on MSNBC in the am and for the most part, I enjoyed it until he got that old so called funny person, Rob Bartlett, on there. I guess I got his name right. Anyway, his so called impersonations were not funny in the least. To me anyway!

    I would love to see him go to satellite radio myself.

  2. Citadel has no AM stations in town, so where might he wind up here? I can’t see him on any of their FMs, unless they blow up KIM for talk, so I doubt he’s on in Memphis. Your thoughts?

  3. pamb3 Says:

    I love Imus and can’t wait for his return

  4. bcvb1949a Says:

    Richard doesn’t like Rob Bartlett?????? Richard thinks he “Got to Old”???????

    Well Richard I don’t know how old you are but Don Imus is not old in todays standards. He is getting his second wind and you should watch out what happens on WABC AM in New York and the affiliates that will be sure to pick him up.

    As far as not having a Radio station in your neck of the woods. Don’t worry a cable TV station is going to pick him up and you should get his signal.

    Satellite was never a place for Don Imus. His millions of loyal listeners were paramount in his mind. And as easy as it would have been to land a job there, he would rather sit out before he made them (us) pay.

    Howard (Hook Nose)Stern is on satellite because his kind of humor is not wanted on terrestrial radio. And though he seems popular. See what happens when his contract runs out in 2016. I don’t think the man (Stern) is worth $500 Million Dollars.

    Imus and his gang will be back. Will give Esiasoon and Carton a kick in the butt and “Morning Joke” on Mess-NBC will be looking for another place to hang his hat.

    Long live the I-Man and Deirdre too. You can’t keep a good man down.

    Bruce from Florida

  5. Richard.... Says:

    No I don’t like Rob Bartlett! His impersonations of Brian Wilson were not funny in the least.
    I do like Imus and look forward to catching him whenever I can.

    My sense of humor is different from yours I guess.

  6. Richard.... Says:

    Let me add that I am 55 years old and I wasn’t refering to Imus being old.
    I should have typed “that ‘ole’ so-called ‘funny’ person, Rob Bartlett”.

    I think the remarks that Imus and his producer made were blown way out of proportion. I knew that once Sharpton got involved, Imus would be punished in some way.

    You are right about Imus and satellite radio and I for one don’t listen to Howard Stern. I got Sirius radio just for the music, not for Stern!

  7. Jeff Says:

    Go Imus !! Ive missed him. He should have never been fired.Wfan and MSNBC should try to develop a backbone someday and not give in to media whores like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

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