A GM with the Former NYTimes Broadcasting Group Departs, The Anti-Imus Protesters Gear Up and Just Who Do the Reverends Sharpton and Jackson Speak For?

I’ve been out of pocket on business the past coupe of days and somewhat out of the loop. My good friend Doug J. knows this and as always, he has my back. He shared this item from News Blues that the GM from the former NYTimes station in Huntsville, had resigned. I’ve never met Craig Marrs and don’t know much about his tenure at the station. I know the Raycom station in that market has been doing quite well in recent books which may have been one of the reasons Raycom sent both the GM and News Director from that station to resurrect the fortunes of WMC, the Raycom station in Memphis. They appear to be making some inroads. Doug raised the question if the move in Huntsville at WHNT was perhaps the proverbial dropping of the other shoe by the new owners of the former NYTimes broadcasting group and perhaps other changes could be occurring at other stations in the group. We’ll see.

I see at least one group has come out opposing the reported move by Citadel and Fox to hire Don Imus. The NABJ or National Association of Black Journalists says to hire Imus is to downplay what he said about the Rutgers womens basketball team. Perhaps. But on the other hand, they are providing the kind of publicity that his potential employeers might appreciate. Granted, Fox denied they are talking or considering bringing Imus on board. The question I pose is this: How much punishment is enough? Imus apologized and lost his job. Yes, he’s getting a multimillion dollar settlement. Should he never be allowed to work in broadcasting again? What kind of atonement on his part would be satisfactory? If he gives larges sums of money to specific causes, would that help grease the skids. Going back on the air, his employers might find that he is damaged goods and nobody wants to advertise on his shows. Wouldn’t that be a better punishment if that happens. I’m not defending what Imus did, I am merely posing a question. I’m not sure there is an easy or clear cut answer.

And speaking of no easy or clearcut answers: I was walking out of the kitchen earlier this week where my lovely and talented bride was listening to Morning Joe Scarborough on MSNBC and heard part of a question raised about politics and the black community. It concerned the lack of attention paid to the African American people by the Republican party. One comment was made (I cannot remember who said it) that politicians on the national stage are missing an opportunity to connect with the black voters. They said ” so many African Americans are upset that when an issue is raised concerning people of color that the media goes trotting over to interview Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson and that those two men do not represent the views of all black people anymore than one or two people represent the views of any other group. ” My question is this: If that’s the case, why are they almost always interviewed. Are the PR shops for these two guys just that good. Is there somebody else out there who speaks up and is just ignored. Is it laziness on the part of the media that they don’t bother to look elsewhere. I don’t know. I’m just asking. I’m also trying to figure out who speaks for me.

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