With Two Points You Get a Direction, With Three You’re Working On a Trend and Yet Another Reason Why Old Farts (Like Me) Should Avoid Using Current Slang.

Another manager type with the former NYTimes Broadcast group is shown the door. According to some information shared with me by Doug “Scoop-Dog” J. , the chief engineer at WTKR in Norfolk, VA was shown the door by the new owners. That, according to the article, completes the house cleaning of senior managers from the NYTimes group at that station. This news follows the recent departure in Huntsville of the GM at WHNT. I’m not sure of how many of the “Old Guard” remain at the nine broadcast stations but if there are some left (many departed over the past year) I think I’d be getting a little nervous. Some may recall how many times they told employees “your job is safe and we are not making cutbacks” and then a day or week later announced cutbacks. Right now you are probably feeling some odd sensation in the pit of your stomach. On the other hand, if you’ve made it this far, your job probably is safe although it might be a good idea to update the old resume just in case.

Everybody wants to be cool or rather NOT be considered an uncool old fart. Unfortunately we all age (which beats the hell out of the alternative IMHO) and by the simple process of aging, we lose track of the trends and/or the slang. I’ve never dyed my hair and I’ve noticed a growing number of TV guys are using the Hair Color for Men both locally and nationally. Sometimes it’s pretty obvious among the men. I guess it’s expected more from the women in the business and less of a big deal. While I don’t dye may hair, I do try to stay aware of trends in attire and in language. I’ve generally found by the time the slang is filtered to me, it’s way out of date. The only thing worse than using outdated slang is using slang incorrectly which is what I did this past week as I was working with some 20 and 30 somethings in Boston. We were talking and joking about something while waiting for a training session to wrap up in the next room. I can’t remember the topic but I made a quip about needing to get the “4-1-1” (information for those readers who are slang challenged) on whatever. The only problem was I said I needed to get the “9-1-1” on whatever. Maybe I’ve lived in Memphis too long and that was the first number that came to mind. Anyway the folks just stared at me, and then suddenly burst out laughing and as one might imagine, my “street-cred” was shot. It reminds me of something that was shared many years ago with me and unlike slang , this never goes out of style. I should remember this. “It’s better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt!”

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