“Blinded By the Light, Wrapped Up Like a whatttttttt??????”

Admit it.  If you listen to music, any music and sing along, chances are you have been confused over the lyrics of a song.  As long as you sing them to yourself in the privacy of your vehicle as you drive to work or where ever or you are alone in your home, it doesn’t matter.  But when someone else is around and you mistakenly sing the lyrics you THOUGHT were correct, you are busted.  I’m guilty.  For years I will admit that I never really knew what Bruce Springsteen was saying when he wrote the lyrics to “Blinded By the Light” which was made popular by the group Manfred Mann’s Earth Band.  For those not familiar with the song, the words are “Blinded by the light, revved up like a deuce another runner in the night.”  That’s not what I’ve been singing all these years even though I’ve managed to find out in the last few years what the lyrics really are.

I was reminded of all of this recently when I saw an old Saturday Night Live clip on Youtube featuring Gilda Radner and Jane Curtain.  Gilda played the character Ms. Emily Latilla who was always mispronouncing things or getting her information screwed up.  She starts singing the song “I will follow him” but instead sings “I will swallow him”.  It’s a funny clip.

Apparently misunderstanding lyrics is such a common thing that at least one website is devoted to this topic and allows you to search for many of the songs and/or artists you grew up with to see if, yes, someone was as confused as you were over certain lyrics.

Check out the site at www.kissthisguy.com  .  I find it’s right up there with the website on jumping the shark.  If you don’t laugh, then you’ve never sung along on the radio.

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5 Comments on ““Blinded By the Light, Wrapped Up Like a whatttttttt??????””

  1. Richard.... Says:

    I know what you mean! A lot of folks thought the lyrics to “Louie, Louie” were bad because of the way the lead singer slurred the words!

    Funny thing is that I used to play drums in a band and the lead singer was the world’s worst for screwing up song lyrics, even with them in print in front of him!

  2. joelarkins Says:

    I have to share this one. DJ is correct when he says this TV anchor perhaps has led a very sheltered life. Click on this and enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHxDr0xdpU4

  3. Richard.... Says:

    That was funny! I have to ask the same thing as one person commented on…..how many times did she say “moving on”.?

    Thanks for the link. YouTube has a lot of videos about almost anything!

  4. Oh man Joe, I laughed very hard at this one! I kept thinking I know this person, but couldn’t remember from where from. Yep, sure enough, I worked with her in Shreveport, LA when Gaylon Reasons was the ND at KSLA. I went down there for about a three week period and subbed as a weather guy when his regulars were gone. Lori Wilson was the anchor I worked with and the one in that clip!

    But I do have to say, she really was a class act in LA. Very nice person, I wondered where she was, guess now we know!

    Don’t guess Gillette will be booking her as their spokesperson anytime soon!

  5. Erika. Says:

    i understand completely… i had been singing the “other” word up until this morning, when they played it on the radio and said it was “deuce..”

    everybody says “douche,” even in other countries…

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