Did the World As We Know It Come to an End after Saturday Night Live?

I knew there was something besides setting my clocks back that I meant to do Saturday night.  No, it wasn’t changing the batteries in the smoke detectors either.  I meant to record Brian Williams who was hosting Saturday Night Live.  I’ve seen BW before on shows where he was a guest and he seems to be a fellow with a sense of humor.  I’m sure he shared that SOH with millions who chuckled right along with him.  I like to see the human side of news anchors.  Too many times they come off as laughing or joking about something only when it’s written into their copy.

A question was raised in last week’s TVSpy/Shoptalk, asking whether news anchors should host comedy shows and whether some could even pull it off if they did.  It was asked: Would Katie Couric have been vilified or even crucified if she had attempted such a thing? Probably.  Heck, I think sometimes that she is “damned if she do, damned if she don’t.”

IMHO, viewers aren’t as stupid as the consultants make them out to be.  I think viewers know when they are being played and when someone is “faking the sincerity. ” I think they like to see the on-air people let their hair down on occasion and act like normal folks for a change as opposed to being “always on”.   The greatest compliment I think I ever heard for an on-air person was made to me about my former co-worker Marybeth Conley.  I ran into someone who told me they had met her at a local Sam’s Club.  They told me,  “you know, in person, she’s just like she is on TV.  Down to earth and friendly. Very approachable.”

So, whether it’s Ted Koppel balancing a dog biscuit on his nose as he did on David Letterman’s show  many years ago or Brian Williams spoofing himself on SNL, I think it’s okay.  If something like that hurts your credibility, you didn’t have much to start with.

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2 Comments on “Did the World As We Know It Come to an End after Saturday Night Live?”

  1. Barbara Says:

    He was actually funny. Shows a bit of talent for voices, too.

    Clips are here:


  2. bob Says:

    I caught some of the show, and it seemed like Brian Williams did a fine job. Maybe acting is part of the training for news anchors. Maybe I’m biased, because he was always my choice for the NBC spot vacated by Brokaw.

    Katie Couric was a horrible choice for CBS. I had predicted failure on my own blog. I have no idea whether she can act, but she is at best a second-rate news reader, and has nowhere near the caliber and intelligence for an evening anchor spot. Morning show is all she can do.

    On the other hand, there is an undiscovered jewel at NBS that CBS should have gone after: Ann Curry. I said it over a year ago, and I still say it now.

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