It Ain’t Bragging If You Can Do It, and A Blast From My Past.

Sometimes you have to do something different to stand out from the pack.  TV stations sometimes remember this.  Not everyone can “Be on Your Side”.  Not everyone can be “EyeWitness to the News.”  You get the picture.  When one finds something that gets the attention of the viewers, you can expect others to follow somehow, someway.   When  WREG introduced the “weathergasm” to  the Memphis market,  others soon followed with  wall-to-wall  weather coverage .  Soon it seemed that if a dark cloud appeared on the horizon, viewers knew there was a chance that their favorite TV show was going to be interrupted.  Yes, I know weather teams would only swing into breathless action if a tornado WARNING was issued.  But that didn’t mean they weren’t standing by and they let you know it with a “crawl” across the bottom of the screen or perhaps squeezing a tiny picture of their Sooper-Dooper Cobra Quick Strike Gazillion Watt Doppler We-Paid-For-It-And Ur-Gonna-See-It-Gonad Radar.

Hey, I admit it, when serious weather is looming, I tune in for a quick check.  The rest of the time it’s an annoyance and I think there are others out there who feel the same. Again, this is not about Tornado Warnings.  Well, it seems at least one station in Memphis is tooting its horn about NOT getting excited about a little bit of rain or whatever.  Fox 13 WHBQ even has a music video on their website about their no-hype approach to weather.   I like that idea, which they’ve actually had around for a while. Of course when one tweaks the cheek of the competition, it pays to be cautious in the approach as it can backfire.  I haven’t seen the other guys taking off the gloves yet but I can imagine it will happen at some point in time.

When I first started this blog my wife asked me why I would to do such a thing.  I didn’t have a really good answer except that it seemed like the thing to do at the time.  I’ve toyed with the idea of pulling the plug on this but so far I guess I’m too much of a procrastinator to get around to doing it.  One of the big pluses to this blog is that I’ve heard from folks I used to work with from many years ago.  Today was such an example.  When I first got started in broadcasting I worked at a radio station in Bowling Green, KY.  I worked as a country DJ for about six months before an opening became available in the News department.  No big deal,  It was a one person news department.  I cranked out news for the country AM station and the Album Rock Outlet FM side.  The FM side was really, really laid back and played long cuts off albums.  The DJs on the FM side read news over really laid back music.  They also wanted interesting headlines to start the newscast.  The one I remember writing after a train wreck in Bowling Green was: Choo-Choo has Boo-Boo in B-G.  The honcho for that side was a guy named Jay Preston who could have stepped right out of the movie “FM”.  If you haven’t seen it rent it.  Anyway, I got an email from JP who goes by his real name in Nashville these days and is no longer in radio.  I won’t say where to protect his privacy.  I always thought a lot of JP even though he tried (and succeeded) in causing me to break up on the air.  Yes, he set fire to my copy while I was reading it.  After that, all he had to do was “flick his bic” and I’d start chortling much to my chagrin. Anyway, this blog may be worthless to a lot of people but it’s helped me reconnect to some folks from long ago and to me, that makes it worthwhile.

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2 Comments on “It Ain’t Bragging If You Can Do It, and A Blast From My Past.”

  1. Richard.... Says:

    Maybe they have to scroll the warnings and insert the radar image on screen plus give “wall to wall” coverage on the weather to justify the cost of the “Sooper-Dooper Cobra Quick Strike Gazillion Watt Doppler We-Paid-For-It-And Ur-Gonna-See-It-Gonad Radar”.

    Great name for the system Joe!

  2. are you sure it wasnt a ZIPPO?
    hehehehehe ;0)

    Jay Preston
    the OLD Natural 97 FM guy

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