So, What Will Santa Say Here in the Memphis Area When He Greets Children?

When I first saw the news item below, my first thought was that this had to be an urban myth or someone’s idea of a joke.  Then I started thinking about it and figured it’s just political correctness run amok.  According to an article out of Australia, Santas in Sydney will not be using the term “ho, ho, ho” around children this season and will instead use the  phrase “ha, ha, ha”.  Why?  Because  they  don’t want to use a slang term for prostitutes around children.

Okay folks, if this is indeed true (and I’m still holding out hope that it is not)  then we are gripping things just a little too tight.   This isn’t Imus.  It’s Santa.  Tradition has it he says “ho, ho, ho”.  I like “ho, ho, ho”.  If that offends you,  get over it.  I know there are folks out there standing around waiting to be offended by something, someway, somehow.  If you are one of these people, it’s time to get a life and move on.  Okay, my morning coffee has kicked in and I’m now stepping off my soap-box.  Have a good day.

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4 Comments on “So, What Will Santa Say Here in the Memphis Area When He Greets Children?”

  1. Doug Says:

    Hey, Ho’s gotta have a merry Christmas too!

  2. Richard.... Says:

    Ho, Ho, Ho……Who wouldn’t know!

    First it was Lowe’s use of “Family Tree” in their Holiday catalog, for which they apologised…..don’t want to offend anyone with the term “CHRISTmas tree” do we?

    Now prostitutes in The Land Down Under?

  3. DANIEL Says:


  4. K Says:

    Seriously, I think there is some secret organization of folks who do nothing but take offense at EVERYTHING they possibly can. If someone is offended by “ho, ho, ho” it speaks volumes about the type of person they are…and maybe the lifestyle they lead.

    Oh, and what will Santa say to kids in Memphis? “Don’t shoot!” I’d imagine.

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