Odds and Ends to Start a Holiday Week

I finally managed to take a day off to fly up to Knoxville to see my wife’s alma mater take on the Vols.  That’s all I will say about that.  But my point is, it seems a lot happens when I’m away for a couple of days.

I see that the final bids were accepted for the group of nine stations Fox News put on the auction block.  As I understand it, Oak Hill which bought the NYTimes Broadcast Group earlier this year was the winner.  Whether or not a duopoly will exist in Memphis remains to be seen.  I still think WHBQ will end up back on the block.  I have nothing to base that on except my gut (and those of you who’ve seen my gut know there is a lot there to base something on!)  I was also somewhat surprised to hear that there are rumors of possible cuts at WREG that are leaving some folks feeling a little uneasy.  Granted rumored cuts around the holidays would make anyone uneasy but I’ve not heard anything about WHY these cuts would be made unless it’s just about trimming a little more fat to improve the bottom line after a few more months of seeing how things operate Down On The River.

By now most folks in the TV world know where the former reporter/anchor from WMC  ended up.  Syan Rhodes has moved to the Sunshine State, specifically WESH-TV.   According to an article shared with me,  Rhodes is working mornings at WESH in Orlando.

And finally, something that will help the J-schools in area colleges to crank out even MORE students seeking careers in TV news.  It seems Fox News is paying Shep Smith 7 to 8 million dollars a year for the next three years.  As the article states, Smith, who hails from Holly Springs, MS is not quite in the Katie Couric league but he’s still making more scratch than about 99-percent of the people in TV news.  I’m still basing my potential million dollar windfall on winning the lottery.

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6 Comments on “Odds and Ends to Start a Holiday Week”

  1. rumors Says:

    I haven’t heard any rumors about job cuts at WREG, and I work there. I Must be more out of the loop than you Joe, and you’ve been gone for quite some time.

  2. The GM Says:

    The reason a lot of job cuts come at the holidays has more to do with the annual budget process than antything else. Most companies budget on a calendar year. As Thanksgiving approaches the coming year’s budget is being tweaked to be as “efficient” as possible. With new owners — like WREG has — I am sure that tweaking is a bit more intense than usual. Think about it, they (the new owners) just spent a huge amount of money buying these stations and they didn’t buy them to get the same results. They bought because they thought they could run them more efficiently, more economically and therefore make them more profitable.

    I really don’t think any company delivers bad news during the holidays because they enjoy being Scrooge. It is a reality of the calendar and the budget process.
    The GM.

  3. DANIEL Says:

    Still mad about syan moving .Could some one tell me ,was she hard to work with or just demanding .Big differance.

  4. dan Says:

    A little of both but more of hard to work with. She had a little more diva than the average on air person at 5.

  5. Chris Says:

    Hey Joe,
    This is your friend from Brazil checking in…what’s happened with Austin at WREG? I noticed he’s no longer listed on the site. I always wondered why a station would need 5 weather people. With 3 and 13 having the same owners, tho probably briefly, what would be the chance of Claudia Barr or Jim Jaggers going back to Fox 13? Slim, I’m sure. Just asking. I appreciate the blog. Keep it up especially for those of us who call Memphis home, living overseas, and almost got into the biz years ago.

  6. joelarkins Says:

    Chris, You ask a question about Austen and I don’t have an answer. Perhaps someone DOTR can shed some light on why Austen’s bio is NOT on the website especially since he’s a long time member of the weather team.

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