I’m Now Convinced the Term “Breaking News” is Broken and Is Austen “On It” or “Off It”?

I hated the so-called “breaking news” alerts back when they rolled them out whenever somebody broke wind.  It hasn’t gotten any better.  Sadly, it’s not local news that raised my ire this time but rather one of the cable news outlets.  This time  they rolled the breaking news open and  revealed they had breaking news on a story that I saw in the  local daily newspaper.  The only difference  in the information  appeared to amount that the  person in question had  perhaps  brushed his teeth this morning.  Okay, perhaps that’s an oversimplification of the situation but I’m not far off the mark.  Maybe it’s just me but if it appears in my morning paper the news ain’t breaking, I don’t care how you spin it.  I’m really getting discouraged, especially since they’ve managed to drag the Natalie Holloway story back out of mothballs.  Would this be a story if the victim were not a white blonde girl?  I also have to admit I’m having trouble keeping up with the latest incarnation of Peterson possible murder story.  Is it Stacey, Laci, or perhaps Gracey Peterson this time and why is that story even being given airtime in this market.  I could see why someone in another market might care about the death of those three boys in West Memphis 15 years ago because of the recent brouhaha over the innocence or guilt of those convicted.  But please, giv eme a break.  Okay, enough of this.  I’ve got to get back to the cable news channel.  They might have more breaking news I’m sure I can’t afford to miss.

And a question was raised on this blog by a reader who now hails from Brazil.  Yes, someone from another country actually reads this drivel. Trust me, no one is more flattered than I am.  But back to his question.  Having once lived in the Bluff City and the fact that considered going into the TV news business before he apparently sobered up and “got wise” he likes to keep up with the goings-on in this fair city.  His question was this: Is Austen Onek leaving WREG?  The reader said he had checked out WREG’s website and noticed that AO’s bio was NOT on the website anymore.  Now, things can happen on a website.  Maybe they ran out of space  on the internet and had to remove Austen.  Maybe someone updating the website spilled a beverage in the keyboard and in the process of cleaning it up deleted Austen’s blog.  Maybe Austen asked that it be taken down because his photo didn’t show his good side.  Whatever the reason, several people are looking for answers.  Austen is a good guy, a solid weather person and has some great parents even if they do come from a state where it has been known to rain “mud”.  (Ask Austen about that).  If anyone has any skinny, please share.

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13 Comments on “I’m Now Convinced the Term “Breaking News” is Broken and Is Austen “On It” or “Off It”?”

  1. joelarkins Says:

    Wow, What a difference 12-hours makes. When I googled WREG’s website twice before I posted this, I couldn’t find Austen’s bio on the Weather page under the Anchor-Reporter bios. This morning it’s there. Maybe it was always there and I couldn’t find it. Maybe it’s just my computer. Maybe it’s just a loose nut in front of this keyboard. Anyway, I will be able to sleep through the night once again knowing that AO is still standing guard, keeping an eye out for me, Mom, Apple Pie, and the Girl I left Behind.

  2. Einar Says:

    Thanks for reminding me why I gave up TV. eek

  3. Chris Says:

    I, too, did the google thing, and AO came up but when I went to the station’s site, he wasn’t there. Someone getting ready to play Scrooge? Anyway, I hope folks don’t think I’m “anchor stalking”. haha I entered the wreg site after the fuss about the reporter being let go from WMC and then saw that Gaston left 24 for 13. There’s also George Brown that’s now at 3. The “Memphis Anchor Shuffle” probably won’t end til station sellings are settled. By the way, I like you with the “breaking news” bit. We get Fox News in Brazil and I don’t pay attention to the alerts anymore. Did you know that Natalie Holloway is still missing?

  4. joelarkins Says:

    I’ve been told by one person DOTR that Austen’s bio has always been there. Chris, perhaps you and I have been caught in some sort of interdimensional vortex and we’re transporting back and forth between two realities. Perhaps if we re-calibrate the dilythium crystals and exceed Warp 9, it will take us to the proper time and space. Or perhaps we’re both swilling some bad hooch causing us to have hallucinations at the same time but in different places.
    As for Natalie Holloway, I’m reminded of Chevy Chase on SNL’s Weekend Update several weeks after the death of the longtime ruler of Spain. “Generalissimo Francisco Franco is STILL dead. “

  5. Chris Says:

    That line from SNL is EXACTLY what I was thinking about. And in response to re-calibrating? Maybe it’s just that we have had too much time on our hands here lately!

  6. Richard.... Says:

    Is Elvis still dead?

    For accurate, up to the minute weather data……..I get up from my keyboard and go outside and have a look-see.

  7. Jeff Says:

    I checked yesterday and Austins bio wasn’t there. It was a pleasure to share the vortex with you. The force be with you.

  8. Todd Says:

    Websites are often “re-tooled” on a month to month basis, I think the trouble is in someone doing a “search” via your favorite “engine.” Outdated pages, that have yet to be deleted from a server may still pop up!

    Here’s what I suggest… for the latest… go to the website.

    http://www.wreg.com (or pick your favorite station)

    it’s all there under the “news” banner: “Reporter/Anchor bios” and on the WEATHER page… you get to see not just Austen, but Tim, Todd and Jim as well.

    What have we learned? A report that someones “Bio” has been pulled from their station website is “almost” as good as someone maybe… getting punched on the air for the wrong forecast? (which we all know is not true, JPL has the letter from the source that proves it!)

    Happy Holidays everyone… how ’bout some snow for Christmas?

  9. Richard.... Says:

    Speaking of bios…..why hasn’t the station DOTR put Corey Ventura’s bio on their site?

  10. Todd Says:

    I feel like an internet concierge:


    She’s with the “traffic cams” but I’ll see if we can’t put her with the rest of the team where she belongs as well!

  11. Chris Says:

    But that’s how I found out AO was not on the website the first time around. I went directly to wreg.com. He wasn’t there. When I did a google search, he popped up. Weird. Back to the time warp with Joe, I guess. Gosh, I bet the guy had no idea he was so popular.

  12. joelarkins Says:

    Austen is a humble, quiet kind of guy. I guess he became that way after spending time alone on that rocket ship that was streaking from his home planet to Earth. That rocket ship as you may have known crash landed in Kansas in a rural area where he (then known as Pale-Ale was discovered by Mr. and Mrs. Onek and they raised him as their own, giving him the name of Austen. Of course this great story was overshadowed by the story of some yahoo from Krypton who landed the day before in a field in Kansas and was found by Johnathan and Martha Kent. I never heard what happened to that guy. Like Austen, I had heard that other guy who also wore glasses went to the big city and was working in some kind of media, either a newspaper or magazine. Wouldn’t it be wild if that other guy, like Austen looks out for our well being. The other guy would be hard-pressed to stay on top of things like Austen does. He would have to be some kind of superguy

  13. JJ Says:

    When you thought it could not get worse, now I hear WMC’s AM traffic guy use “Breaking Traffic News” every time he speaks. He should vary it up some, like “bending traffic news” or “colliding traffic news” or “deductible alert.”

    Now slow down your reading folks and you can make it.

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