Okay, It’s Time to End the Proverbial 15 Minutes of Fame for Yahoos Who Go on Shooting Sprees

Right now I’m mad as hell and I wish I could say I’m not going to take it anymore. I have no choice. I just saw the tragic story of some people gunned down because they happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. This time it wasn’t on a school campus, it was at a shopping center in Nebraska. This sick SOB who all but had loser tattooed on his forehead decided he was, according to his note planning to “go out in style”. Why can’t these poor bastards just blow their brains out BEFORE they go to the shopping mall or dorm or wherever it is they go in their last effort to get somebody to pay attention to them. I have a proposal that I think will help reduce their numbers although it will never happen because it would require the participation of ALL the news media.

First, let me say I understand these people (the gunmen not news people) have issues and they may not be able to get the help they need or should get. There is a breakdown somewhere and I can appreciate the fact these people tend to fall through the cracks. Having said that, these people tend to want to be recognized for SOMETHING, ANYTHING. They’ve discovered from past experience (Columbine, Jonesboro, Virginia Tech etc. ) that the quickest and easiest way for that is to go out and commit mass murder and hope they go out in a blaze of glory. But if they can’t get the publicity they seek, would they stop? Perhaps. Oh, murders would still occur and would still be covered, but don’t identify these sick freaks. Don’t show their pictures on every newscast from Podunk, Idaho to New York City. Don’t talk to their former school mates or neighbors or family. Do we need to hear from somebody describing him or her as “always quiet and not the kind of person you’d expect to do something like this.” Yah, these sickos might continue to commit these horrible acts but if they can’t get their names out there across the nation and around the world as some sort of sick legacy maybe it will cause some to reconsider. But it would take a concerted effort by all news organizations. Yah, like that is ever going to happen. Yes, I’ve heard that people don’t kill people, guns kill people. That’s BS. People kill people. I’ve yet to see a gun jump up off the sofa and chase some one down the road or go to a mall and shoot people. Forgive me for ranting. I know there is no easy solution to this problem. I guess I’m just tired of hearing non-stop coverage of a tragedy that just contributes to the 15-minutes of fame for this piece of crap gunman. Do I know his name? No I don’t. In fact I couldn’t tell you the name of any of the gunmen in the many shootings over the past ten years or so. And that is part of the sad reality. All these gunmen wanted lasting fame in some form or fashion. All they managed to do was create a lot of heartache instead. What a legacy for these no-names. I bet they’ll even have to wear name tags in hell so they can recognize each other.  Okay, I’m off my soapbox.

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5 Comments on “Okay, It’s Time to End the Proverbial 15 Minutes of Fame for Yahoos Who Go on Shooting Sprees”

  1. Jeff Says:

    And after the killings you get all these folks who come forward to tell how he was a troubled, depressed, sick young man with violent tendencies and we knew something like this would happen.Well if they knew and his family knew why wasn’t something done? Why didn’t the “I was concerned” people act?

  2. Richard.... Says:

    You know Joe……I was thinking the very same thing you were when I saw the news about this!
    My girlfriend made a remark about this sorry SOB’s note about him wanting to be famous. Famous as long as the news media keeps reporting about this which will go on and on while the media analyzes him and tries to find out why he did it.

    It’s depressing enough to watch the news about what goes on in my home town(Memphis) but then have to be subjected to this sick piece of work for the next week or more? Is news that slow that this has to be repeated or any other story for that matter? While ranting here, I am also sick and tired of the story about the 12 year old that was shot, while out at night, unatteneded, with a toy gun and refused to obey an officer’s instruction!

    Just update us when something important that really needs our attention happens.

  3. kalisah Says:

    I was so disturbed that the Today show played the 911 calls this morning. I mean, do we need to hear that? Any normal person is going to be disturbed enough by the event, we do not need to hear the panic in the voice of someone as they experienced it.

    It’s so ironic to me that the news channels were all reporting how his suicide note said he wanted this to be his moment of fame. That’s as bad as TMZ showing photos and video of the huge crowd of paprazzi around Lindsey Lohan buying shoes.

  4. http://www.marketwatch.com/news/story/omaha-gunman-counted-media/story.aspx?guid=86202F73-DD21-4E84-8C30-F7A880A2AD47

    Media must stop creating celebrities out of lunatics
    Commentary: How journalists unwittingly enabled the Omaha gunman

    Mr. Friedman agrees with you. (As I suspect a lot of us do.)


    “…the rumors of my impending departure have been greatly exaggerated…”

  5. Jack Church Says:

    Joe, I will keep this short and to the point. I AGREE WITH EVERYTHING YOU SAY 100%.

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