Guess Who Is Apparently Eyeballing Landmark’s Stations in Nashville and Las Vegas

I’ve said for some time now that Landmark’s stations in Nashville and Las Vegas are some pretty sweet properties.  They are powerhouse stations with strong news operations.  I’m sure that has some folks salivating at the prospects of having these properties in their stable.  According to a source, one interested party said to have  made contact with Landmark is a person described as  “a former executive with a radio corporation” who used to live in Nashville and is now a high ranking VP with the Tribune Broadcast Division.” Hmmmmm. Any ideas who that might be?  Actually no surprises there.  The big surprise would be if the Tribune WASN’T interested in WTVF and KLAS unless of course Landmark wants way more than an arm and a leg for both.  I would imagine the price will be high since both stations are top notch.  But this sale won’t happen overnight. According to an internal  newsletter, a group of Landmark VIPs will be at WTVF to make sure their house is in order and then a group of bean counters from Price Waterhouse will  set up shop for the next month to make sure the books are in order.  So, the hurry up and wait begins.

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4 Comments on “Guess Who Is Apparently Eyeballing Landmark’s Stations in Nashville and Las Vegas”

  1. that spells Randy Michaels to me; that means Sam Zell wants the Trib to stay in the broadcast business……..

  2. Doug J. Says:

    I’d be a bit surprised if Tribune wanted those stations; they’ve historically been against having network affiliates in the fold. CBS went hammer and tong with them back in ’95 to get them to make Ch. 46 a CBS station after Fox bought WAGA.

    Of course, I realize that Tribune is under new ownership; and there may be a new day dawning — and those would certainly be two good stations to have.

  3. joelarkins Says:

    If Mr. Michaels is indeed checking things out and still has the influence, then perhaps if Tribune doesn’t want the stations, LocalTV.Oak Hill might. Just a thought.

  4. insider Says:

    Remember all that Tribune and Local TV are basically the same company, we already call Tribune our sister stations and use their stuff. I for one and happy that this guy is into tv and is into news. WTVF does a great job and
    i hope that continues.

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