Congrats to a Former WMCer and Thanks for the Link on Fox 13’s Weather Siren

We can all start talking about how we knew Jovita Moore back in her days at WMC.  Thanks to DG for the tip from the NewsBlues posting,  Jovita Moore will replace Monica (Kaufman) Pearson on the 5 p.m. news at WSB-2-ABC in Atlanta , beginning Jan. 31.  Pearson will continue to anchor the 6 and 11 p.m.  Moore is just the latest prson from WMC who has traveled to the Hotlanta market  and done well with Brenda Wood one of the most often mentioned names.  I really didn’t know Ms. Moore as I only ran into her a couple of times on the streets but I know she always did a good job on the air and was easy on the eyes.  Don’t know what she was like to work with but I’m sure there will be some who weigh in on that.  Congrats to her.  You can check out her bio here. 

Also, thanks to Richard who stepped up to the plate with the Youtube link on the Weather Siren (as I call her) for WHBQ Fox 13.  I had not seen the video in its entirety.  Folks, that is downright clever and we need more creativity like this in the local market, not just in promotions but in the news side as well.  In fact, this kind of creativity could help in sales as well IMHO.  It’s truly “thinking outside the box”.

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6 Comments on “Congrats to a Former WMCer and Thanks for the Link on Fox 13’s Weather Siren”

  1. Richard.... Says:

    You are most welcome Joe! Anything I can do to help along this line I will.

    Let me thank you for the “inside” information you provide about stations and what they are going through be it sales or whatever.

    And I am not even in the media!

  2. JD Says:

    Hi Joe!

    I don’t usually forward jokes etc., but I saw this address on another local blog. “Burger the Cat” was suggested after a search on the YOUTUBE.COM search block. Trust me…..I’ve seen it all now, including the novelty weather girl singer from FOX.

    I thought your flying fish video was unique……….you got to see “Burger the Cat”.

    By the way, didn’t Joey used to do the weather on Channel 3 at one time with Johnny Dark and Co.?

  3. joelarkins Says:

    To my lnowledge, Joey Haley has only done traffic on WREG and I don’t think he ever worked with Johnny Dark who did sports AND weather before leaving the station.

  4. JD Says:

    Sorry Joe, I should have said Joey Sulipeck that is if I spelled it right. While we are on this subject…..Where did Johnny Dark go?

  5. joelarkins Says:

    Joey S. did use to work at WREG on a part-time basis before taking on the full time gig at WHBQ. Our paths only crossed a couple of times. I found him to be very personable. As for Johnny Dark, JD left WREG in the Mid-90s and I have run into him from time to time, with the last time about three years ago in Collierville. Except for the pierced ear and what looked like a diamond stud in that ear, it was the same old Johnny I worked with all those years. And while I can talk, Johnny Dark always had some stories to tell with some wild ones amongst them. JD got around and met a lot of people and a lot of people still ask me about him. As far as I know JD is alive and still smiling somewhere in Memphis.

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