I Love Me Some Women in Red and Why Is My Comcast Cable Starting to Look Like My Satellite Reception

I was driving down Union Avenue just west of East Parkway when I saw two lovely ladies wearing red and showing more teeth than is humanly possible. It was a good thing I was wearing my sunglasses because I would have been blinded by the dazzling smiles of WHBQ Fox 13 Valerie Calhoun and Mearl Purvis wearing red (and looking good IMHO) from a huge billboard. When I got home they were in my house in the same pose on the floor of my office! Yikes! And my wife was right there in the same room! Okay, they were on the front of the Memphis Business Journal’s “Heart Healthy Guide” but they were still in my house on the floor. Anyway for what it’s worth, they caught my attention from the billboard and at my home.

I have question about my Comcast cable service and perhaps someone out there has an answer.  Stately Larksmith Manor is one of those places where we have both cable AND satellite.  Let me explain.  I had Direct TV installed a few years back with the intention of pulling the plug on what was then Time Warner cable.  It seemed they jacked up my bill on such a regular basis to the  point I felt it was a diminishing return.  The fly in the ointment was that my wife likes the “Local on the 8’s” on The Weather Channel provided by cable but NOT by satellite.  On satellite you get the generic regional forecast and no local radar.  The downside of satellite is that during really stormy weather, cloud cover disrupts the signal and that means I can’t watch the  local TV stations to see if the threat is real or imagined.  If you’ve never seen what the disruption looks like, the picture starts pixilating, getting blocky and then freezes.  It’s annoying.  Some say “just go to the internet”.  Well, after having had lightning zap a computer (even though it was on a surge protector) I now shut down all computers when any kind of thunderstorm rolls in.  But my point here is that I’ve noticed in the past year that my cable signal is starting to look like my satellite signal with one exception.  My cable will start pixilating on a clear day and I will see the words “poor reception or weak signal” pop up in the upper corner of the screen.  The picture will freeze too.  I’m not sure why that happens.  Now I know that cable gets its signal from satellites but are these guys running on some little dish like I am.  Maybe they’ve started using all of those old dishes from former satellite customers.  Either way, they’re helping me make the case to finally pull the plug on cable once and for all.

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7 Comments on “I Love Me Some Women in Red and Why Is My Comcast Cable Starting to Look Like My Satellite Reception”

  1. foxfan Says:

    Did you see those two dazzling smiles as WHBQ accepted loads of Emmys Saturday night. They really got lucky with two great female anchors.

  2. Kristin Says:

    I’ve had the same problem with my Comcast, both cable and Internet. I had a good, strong signal up until the end of the first week of January or so, then it got bad. Sometimes, the “signal strength” for my Roadrunner is so poor I can’t even get on the web. I haven’t a clue as to why it’s happened, but I don’t want to call and be forced to pay a nearly $40/hr service call charge to have them sort out problems on their network!

  3. Paul Says:


    Sounds like TW is shorting you on bandwidth. You know that a digital signal is either there or its not. It’s not like the days of analog where you had “snow” and static to tell you that you’re on the edge of the signal range. Digital satellite is often blocked by rain, just like the Ku signals from the network feeds in very heavy rain. It’s just that you’re small dish can be blocked easier and more often than the very large dishes at the station.

    Just like your cable internet, if the provider restricts how much banwidth is used for the digital TV, you don’t get enough signal into your box and poof! It’s gone. Even on sunny days, as with low signal from TW has nothing to do with weather. If this happens suddenly, first thing is to check all of your connections between the wall jack and any splitters to your cable box and make sure they’re all still tight. Coax (F connectors) can work their way loose over time. If it’s still a problem, check the connections between your cable box output to your TV. If you STILL don’t get any signal after that, it’s time to fuss at TW.

  4. Richard.... Says:

    May I ask what channel you were having the problem on?
    Reason I ask is that I have/had this problem with WREG on DirecTV in the last week or so and I called DirecTV and their tech support asked me to look at signal levels on satellite 103b as that is where I get my local HD feeds from. The signal levels on that satellite and all the others were at 90 or above. So they said the problem was with WREG.
    An email to WREG was sent and the reply was that it was DTVs fault. But that they would let engineering know! Funny how it cleared up after that…..for now anyway.
    But only on WREG would the picture pixelate, freeze and then television screen go blank. The SD feed was not affected.

  5. joelarkins Says:

    Richard, the problem has occurred on several channels: AMC, TCM, The History Channel and The Sci-Fi Channel. To be honest, I don’t really watch that much programming on local TV (cable or satellite).

  6. Richard.... Says:

    Hmm….I never noticed it on any other channel Joe as far as DirecTV goes. I watch very little network programming and for the record, CBS has lost us as a viewer on Monday nights. It seems the network loves to show sitcoms on that night that make many references to sex and body parts. I enjoyed the “Big Bang Theory” but once again it looks as if CBS pulled the plug on a show I thought was entertaining and not offensive like, How I Met Your Mother, Two and a half Men and now the New Adventures Of Old Christine? Geez!
    So I watch a lot of the History, History International, Discovery, National Geographic and Science channel.

  7. joelarkins Says:

    The problem I have is with cable, not satellite. My satellite is generally good unless its storming.

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