WHBQ Fox 13 Earns Some Serious Bragging Rights And Comcast Cable Is “On My Side”!

There’s an old saying that I’m quite fond of that states “It Ain’t Bragging If You Can Do It“. WHBQ Fox 13 has proven that they can do it and they have the Emmy hardware to prove it. Fox 13 walked away over the weekend with 10, count’em 10 Emmys including the one for News Excellence. Here’s what Fox 13 had on their website about the win.  WREG snagged 3 and WMC earned 1.   I’m not sure but 10 Emmys may be a record for the Memphis market and even if it isn’t, it is still fodder for some serious promotions. Of course some will say winning an Emmy is no big deal and that’s usually by people who have never won one. Hey, I tried and never got one of those little gold statues. Would I have liked to? You betcha. In the grand scheme of things, the viewing public may not really understand what the Emmy is all about but they know it’s a prize of some sort and winning is always better than not winning. So congratulations to the folks at Fox 13. You earned it.

I was out of the office for most of Monday on a quick day trip to Tupelo, MS and I had an interesting email I’d like to share but I’m not including the name. Here it is: I read that you are suppose to be replacing Andy Wise!!! Tell me if there is a way to locate the information that he accumulated while with WREG!!! I am elderly and disabled and need to find out about 0SmokeFree & (Shark steam mops or other brands on steam mops. Have you just decided to get rid of all of the information that he spent a LONG time accumulating? If so I think it is absurd, and I guess I will go to WMC when he has time to acclimate to his new environment.

I’m not sure how she came to email me but I did email her back and gave herthe names of some folks to contact at WREG and that if she didn’t get the information she needed to email me back. Hey, I guess you could say “I’m on her side”! But that wasn’t the only unusual thing to happen. My wife said I got a call from someone who said they were with Comcast and that they understood that I was having issues with my cable service. The person on the phone asked for me by name. Now I was born in the morning, I just wasn’t born yesterday morning and I just figured that some of my friends were playing a practical joke on me. So imagine my surprise when late in the afternoon the phone rang and a person who identified herself as Gloria L. with Comcast (I checked caller I-D) and she understood that I had contacted Comcast to report a problem. I told her I had NOT contacted Comcast to report a problem and she then started reading me my blog post from Monday where I indeed at raised issues about cable problems. I asked her where she got that and she said it had been emailed to her and she wanted to schedule a service call this week to see about correcting the problem. She apologized for the problem and said she could send out a service technician to check on the problem mid-day Wednesday. I don’t know which flatters me more: that Comcast is sending out somebody to check on my cable service after I bitched about it or that someone perhaps connected to Comcast reads this blog. Either way, I hope my cable service looks better by the end of Wednesday.

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13 Comments on “WHBQ Fox 13 Earns Some Serious Bragging Rights And Comcast Cable Is “On My Side”!”

  1. Doug J. Says:

    Since I occasionally watch TV at stately LarkSmith manor, see if you can get Comcast to toss you some additional pay channel…

    Your TV pal,


  2. At the Emmy's Says:

    If I am not mistaken, the Emmy’s that 3 won, were promo spots for Andy Wise. Hmmmm….I wonder how that’s being received down on the river???

  3. If I recall, the Emmy’s that 3 won, were for Andy Wise promo spots. I wonder how that’s being received down on the river?

  4. joelarkins Says:

    In reality I’m sure it’s rather bittersweet. From a promotions standpoint, it’s an Emmy.

  5. ned Says:

    Just curious…what did Andy have to do with winning the Emmy’s? Answer? Nothing. It was the promotion people who did the spots that won the Emmy’s who deserve the credit. Their promos could have been about Andy, or the morning show, or Claudia Barr or anybody else for that matter. They do good work, no matter who they promo. How the heck is this bittersweet. The people who did these promos still work for the station.

  6. joelarkins Says:

    Of course Andy had nothing to do with winning the Emmy. First, a point of disclosure: I haven’t seen the “Get Wise promo campaign” and don’t know if it was an “evergreen” promo or a “one-shot-deal” for the May Sweeps. But if AW was part of the subject matter for the promo where perhaps he was busting somebody’s chops or in somebody’s face then, like it or not, he contributed to the effort by giving the promotions folks something to key in on. I used the term bittersweet because if it was a really “kick-ass, take-names” promo (which I would assume it was since it won an award) then the promotions department and hence the station has a dynamite promotional tool they can’t use anymore. Again, that’s if it was an evergreen promo. THAT’S how it’s bittersweet. If it was a one shot deal, then it’s a moot point. And Ned since you brought it up, I believe ALL of WREG’s 3 Emmys were won by the folks in the PROMOTIONS department. Yes, indeed, they deserve a tip of the hat.

  7. 1/3 Says:

    Not all of the 3 Emmy Awards were for AW spots. Just one. The Writing and Editing Short Form Composites were 7 min. of promos.

  8. joelarkins Says:

    Thanks for the clarification. It’s much appreciated.

  9. Doug J. Says:

    All I know (besides wanting you to score some additional premium channels from Comcast) is that NC3 was NOT in the business of paying for Emmy entries for news stories the entire 8 years I was there. The only entries I ever had were the ones I was willing to pony up the money for…

    I do remember Frank Willson getting an Emmy (and the former GM’s undying appreciation) for a promo that featured an entire church choir singing about what a great place 3 was.

    A good friend of mine has 8 local Emmys from his time in San Diego. Was his stuff that much better than mine? Or anyone else’s at 3 during the 90s? Not at all. I saw a lot of things we turned out that deserved a little recognition.

    And I’ve got a question for ned — what did Andy do to you? I’m not feeling the love for the Wise-man in your posts.

  10. joelarkins Says:

    Doug you reminded me of something that a former ND at WREG told me back in the day. First let me say this is not meant to take anything from the folks at Fox 13 and their huge haul of Emmys. That is a huge accomplishment not matter what. But this former news director who had worked at WSMV in Nashville in their heyday when they routinely racked up huge numbers of awards, said more often than not, it was how one presented your project that had a lot to do with whether or not you would win or at least improve your odds of winning an Emmy. Of course you have to have something of quality to begin with and then there is the luck factor as well. And I’m trying to remember if the Emmys are the awards that are judged by a station outside of the competing region. If that is the case then the tapes viewed at the beginning of the session get more airtime than those at the end especially since news people who have put in a long day already are wanting to get the chore over with. Of course, the folks at WSMV must have forgotten the secret or perhaps the competition is tougher because they didn’t take home too many of the little gold statues this time around.

  11. actsnetwork Says:

    Comcast folks do read the blogs. The same thing happened when we moved into our new house a few years ago. A Comcast customer service person was rather rude when I called to ask why it would take 3 weeks to install my service and internet. I blogged about it and a day or two later I had a Comcast person phone me to say he was headed to our new address to get our service installed that day!

  12. JD Says:

    Joe, I hate to be a party pooper but Lloyd Holbeck, one of those rare newspaper reporters who balanced his words with fact and fairness has passed away.

    Lloyd used to do the crime reporting/police beat for the Commercial Appeal and the old Press Scimitar, along with fellow reporter Menno Duerkson.

    Lloyd was one of those guys who could get to the truth and facts with a mere look and a draw on his pipe full of O’Brians Cavendish and Southern Comfort tobacco. I can’t think of one policeman who wouldn’t speak with him on or off the record, if he asked. He had one of those personalities that made you feel as though you had gone to high school with him and was his best drinking buddy.

    The news world has lost one of the great reporters of all time.

  13. joelarkins Says:

    I saw the obit. I never met Mr. Holbeck. He sounds like someone worth knowing. Thanks for sharing.

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