Organized Protests Against TV and Weather People Who Think They Are Holding Wx Classes for Viewers

I’ve never been keen on the “herd” mentality.  I know there are those out there on radio and TV who have a lot of power and influence over certain portions of the masses and encourage them to think this way or that way.  Much to my amazement (or perhaps I shouldn’t be amazed) people follow in lock-step with what some of the people on radio or TV say or suggest.  It just boggles my mind that seemingly intelligent adults cease to think for themselves and do what they are told.  Having said that, I received a letter from a group called the “Parents Television Council”.   The letter included an FCC Indecency Complaint against the show Family Guy on Fox TV.  That letter said the complaint against the Family Guy was registered in your name only and assigned to you by the Parent’s TV Council.  The letter went on to say that I should Sign it and return it as soon as possible.  I’ve never seen this show and other than the fact that the PTC has named it “the Worst Show of the Week” 12 times and “Worst Show of the Year”  four times, I couldn’t even begin to tell you what’s good or bad about it.  The really sad part is that there are people who haven’t seen this show and good or bad, will sign letters similar to the one I received and send it in.  Maybe it’s a good show, maybe it’s a bad show.  But my point is, if the show is bad, it will fail on its own.  I contend that if you don’t like something, DON’T WATCH.  It’s that simple.  Vote with the remote.  Block it with the parental control on your remote.  Tell your kids to watch something else.  Be assertive and take control and for goodness sake, stop with the “herd” mentality and remember what your Mom or Dad told you.  If 100 people jump off a cliff, does that make it a smart thing for you to do as well.  No it doesn’t.  ‘Nuff said there.

Weather on TV is a big deal.  As a variety of folks such as The GM  and others have said, weather is one of the biggest reasons people tune in to TV in general and local TV in particular.  I know when the  storms raked the MidSouth recently , I was watching to see if I was needing to head to safety.   For my lovely and talented bride, weather is what she watches when she isn’t getting her political fix.  For that reason we see a lot of The Weather Channel.  As I have pointed out in previous posts, TWC which used to just  deliver a lot of weather information now is into weather programming.    I fully expect to see something like ” I Know What the Weather Was Like for You Last Summer”  or something inane like that.  But my point on this is that some weather folks are needing to back off from their tight grip on the edge just a bit.  Case in point, Jim ” I Love Me Some Hurricanes” Cantore.  Towns along the coast hate to see JC show up because he’s like a young  Dan Rather and wants to stand in hurricane force wind while doing a live stand-up.  (Since JC shaves his head, he has no hair to mess up.  But I digress.)  I have no doubt that JC is a solid meterologist.  But I can’t watch him any more because he comes across as a know-it-all who is holding a weather seminar whenever he is on camera.  Somehow he went from a weather guy with a hurricane related death wish to a obnoxious wx guy with a hurricane related death wish who now knows so much that he  comes across has needing to hold court or class.  He has his sleeves rolled up (no jacket)  and breaks the weather down to explain in detail why something is happening.  Don’t get me wrong,  that stuff is important to some people but if I want to attend weather school I will.  If I tune in,  give me the straight poop on the weather such as whether it’s going to rain or be cold or hot or I won’t be tuning in to you anymore.  Got it?  Good!  Thus ends THAT lesson.

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7 Comments on “Organized Protests Against TV and Weather People Who Think They Are Holding Wx Classes for Viewers”

  1. Richard.... Says:

    I have never seen this show you speak of Joe but I do use my remote to “bypass” shows that I find offensive. “How I Met Your Mother” is by far the worst to me as well as the show “The New Adventures Of Old Christine”. I refuse to watch either one.
    Thank God for satellite television!

    I also agree about TWC. I never watch that channel either.

    Give me Austen Onek anyday for weather or Ron Childers. If not them then I turn to the internet!

  2. Doug J. Says:

    Fox ran and cancelled “Family Guy,” but strong DVD sales and good ratings on Cartoon Network convinced them to bring it back. Is much of it bad taste? You’re darn skippy it is! Very bad taste at times. It’s also often very funny. But people who are easily offended will probably not agree. In fact, it not only runs new on Fox, but in nightly reruns on TBS.

    As far as the weather thing — it can be tough for someone with a lot o’ book learnin’ to hold back when they get the chance to do some ‘splainin’. It may not be an “I’m the smartest guy in the room” thing, just an “I’ve got so much great information I’ve got to share it with EVERYBODY!” But then again, I can’t explain for Hurricane Jim.

  3. the tall tv guy Says:

    One of my closest friends used to be an tv anchor many years ago. To accept a transfer from one small market to another, he insisted the station owner upgrade the weather radar system to be competitive with the local competition. A color radar system. Now it’s common to get great weather info off internet sites.

    He invited us to observe a newscast from behind the scenes. If people only knew what went on during it, especially at a bare bones station.

  4. Joe,

    The Weather Channel once was just that, The Weather Channel. I now call it The Commercial Channel. You know, “Tornadoes are bearing down on everyone in the Dakotas, we’ll have more after this from Celebrex!”

    In the old days I would freelance for those guys. I had that gig in the mid-south for about 7-8 years. They were solid back then and did what I thought was a good job. About a year before leaving the biz and moving to VA, (about 2003) they had a major change in management at TWC. Their assignment’s manager was pushed out along with many others. They went on to greener pastures (quit / fired) I am not sure about currently, but back then the manager of the operation was changed out with a former CNN manager or something like that. (Doug J. you might be able to shed light on that) Anyway, after that change it was never the same. That’s when you started seeing the anchorettes begin wearing the low cut blouses, the constant “We’re all going to die because of global warming” (Thank you Dr. Heidi Cullen) and of course “All is well now, but what if an elephant farts at exactly the same time a hurricane hits the east coast, all the while tornadoes are pounding Texas and a 1000 year flood swamps New York…could it really happen?” Next on Could it Happen?

    Reminds me of a time when back at WREG, a serviceman was driving a school bus back to the shop. The bus quit on some railroad tracks in Millington and got smacked by a train. It was empty, no kids, no one hurt. But the producers had to do the, “The bus was empty, but what if your children had been on that bus, what then?”

    Weather Channel has become childish, alarmists would be more descriptive. I agree Joe, at one time I thought Cantore was a top notch guy, but he’s sold out to the consultants. Though I suspect he’s like many in the business now, he’s just trying to get by until he can hit the door running! But only after this commercial message first!

  5. Doug J. Says:

    “Their assignment’s manager was pushed out along with many others. They went on to greener pastures (quit / fired) I am not sure about currently, but back then the manager of the operation was changed out with a former CNN manager or something like that. (Doug J. you might be able to shed light on that)”

    Sorry, Tommy, after they passed me over for senior producer for weekend programming in 2000, the Weather Channel was dead to me. Especially after I saw a couple of the ideas I mentioned in my interview used on air (no, not the low-cut blouses…), so I can shed no light on the change in ops they went through.

  6. TV Watch Says:

    You raise some good points in your post. Here are some facts that you might find interesting. An overwhelming majority of Americans (91%) object to government deciding what they are able to watch on television. When activists talk about protecting children instead of parents—here’s what they’re talking about: sixty-eight percent of the country’s 110 million television-viewing households do not include children under age 18 and households with children have different challenges to face due to the varying ages of kids within each family. Currently, there are 11 million households with children age 6-11, 15 million households with children age 0-5 and 9 million households with children 12-17.

    TV has come a long way from the days of three channels and rabbit ears antennas. Today’s TV audiences are putting to use broadband, DVRs, TV video on demand, iPods and cell phones to greatly expand their choices about what, when, where and how to watch TV. New technology means consumers have more selection than ever and more control than ever over what they see on TV. We all have more choices and parents have more tools to ensure their kids only see what’s right for them. Let’s let parents decide—not government, for all of us.

    There is more information to be found at

  7. Fade to black Says:

    Joe, I often think the same thing about the Weather Channel. Just as MTV and VH-1 have done, each entity eventually seems to decide that doing what they started out doing isn’t enough. I don’t understand why they don’t understand that, as cable channels, they are *niche* purveyors. Imagine the novelty of turning on VH-1 to see music videos, or TWC to see the current weather! What a concept.

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