The February Book In Memphis, Jane Fonda Drops the C-Word and Yahoos in the Background During the Apology

I ran into a former co-worker from WREG over the weekend and this person shared with me that this ratings book shows things are looking a bit tighter with chief rival WMC.  I was told that the mornings are still looking good for WREG and that WMC is still strong at 6pm but the 10pm is tight.  No one is sharing information so far,  so I can only speculate on how things look.  Nothing like a a wee bit of competition.  Since I haven’t seen any numbers, I would imagine that WHBQ Fox 13 is neck and neck with everyone in the mornings.  I will attempt to keep you updated. If you have numbers please share.
I’ve been debating on whether to post on the C-Bomb dropped last week on the Today show by Jane Fonda.  The C-word is considered by many (especially women) to be the ultimate insult to women everywhere, at least according to my sources.   The whole C-word thing has been discussed ad naseum already and was addressed Tuesday in an article mentioned in Shoptalk by Jenice Armstrong in The Philadelphia Daily News.  Some interesting reading and provides some insight.  I have to admit the C-Word is not something in my regular vocabulary and it takes something pretty powerful to make me even want to consider thinking using that term as a descriptive word.  I will say there are some folks I’ve encountered who might fall under the umbrella of that particular term but that’s not something I would feel comfortable speaking even if a particular person fit the definition.  That’s just not me.

I will also say that during the following apology issued by Meredith Viera on the Today show shortly after Jane Fonda casually mentioned the C-word, that I was rather appalled.  It had nothing to do with the use of the word or the apology.  Rather it was during the apology by Viera that once again people who might normally be considered rational adults were busy making total asses of themselves by holding up signs and waving to the cameras.  Can someone please tell me why waving to a camera from the background is such a big deal that it turns the normal human brain into that of an imbecile.  IMHO, the yahoos who get behind someone during a broadcast and wave at the camera are right up there with the idiots who insist on expressing their love to someone by spray-painting their names on an overpass or water tower or some other high-profile background.  Are people really that starved for attention?  I wish people would just grow up, get a life or something.  It gets tiresome.

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13 Comments on “The February Book In Memphis, Jane Fonda Drops the C-Word and Yahoos in the Background During the Apology”

  1. JD Says:

    I think the February sweeps may get a heating up as I noticed a very, very huge poster of Andy Wise in the Wolfchase Mall. It announces him at WMC-TV in a big way as their investigative reporter. If I didn’t know better I would say he might be getting geared up to challenge the non-competes very soon. About time somebody challenges that issue and he is just the one.

    YOUTUBE has some really funny incidents where an observer tries to get involved or disrupt a live shot. One really hilarious one shows a female reporter chasing down the street (pen-notebook and fist )after an inteloper.

    As for Jane Fonda and vulgarity……………….consider the source.

    AND REMEMBER: Your Mother reads this blog too!

  2. joelarkins Says:

    You are the second person to mention the Andy Wise promotional billboard only the one I was told about was at Oak Court Mall near the Food Court. I have not seen it yet and was wondering if perhaps this was indeed a violation of the non-compete clause of his contract. I doubt seriously if WMC would intentionally violate the non-compete since that would meant the matter would go to arbitration and it would be station against station which is not the example broadcasters want to set for “talent”. Remember though that a station can get around a non-compete by paying the other station for that talent which usually amounts to about a year’s salary for that talent. In Andy’s case, it would be a hefty sum as I’m told he was making some serious bucks for a reporter.

  3. kalisah Says:

    when I worked at St. Jude, we had Marlo Thomas on the Today show, and while she was interviewing, someone behind her was holding up a huge, brightly painted sign that read, “WE LOVE OUR BUTTS.” I have no idea what that was supposed to mean, but it sure did mess up our clip.

  4. RP Says:

    I get rather amused when watching the live shots with all those clowns in the back striving to get noticed. It ranks right up there with the show “Nascar Raceday” on the Speed Channel.
    What’s really funny is seeing someone with a cell phone stuck to their ear, no doubt calling someone they know….”Look!!! See me on the TV?? Me!! Right there behind what-cha-ma-call it!!!! Look hard! I’m jumping up now!! See!!”

    Oh well…it’s entertainment!

  5. joelarkins Says:

    RP, you hit the nail on the head. Those yahoos who stand in the background with cell phone to the ear, calling MeeMaw and Pappaw or Bubba and Suzie back home to tell them to “quick, turn on the TEE-VEE cause I’m on the air and making a total ass of myself, waving so hard my hand is about to dislocate from my wrist”. It just boggles my mind that people do that. Plus, you know they plan for it when they go to New York and stand behind these people on network TV and hold up a sign of some sort. Can you say “get a life?”

  6. Ready Camera One, Take Two Says:

    Live shot backgrounds are a pet peeve of mine…people “actin’ the fool” like its an ESPN sideline camera or reporters who, during a stand up, turn and point to something way out of frame or gesture to a dark background that no one can see…just the back of a reporters head.
    Political campaigns take great pains to put non-yahoos behind their candidate during speeches…the right mix of ethnicilties, attractive, smiling people with energy, good sign-holders, etc. However, the other night as Barak Obama was speaking in Houston after winning Wisconsin the folks behind him are, of course, on the cell phones (“Can you see me now?”) and taking pictures of themselves on the video screen which shows them taking pictures of themselves on the video screen!!!

  7. Tube Man Says:

    talk about sweeps, have you seen this?

  8. joelarkins Says:

    Actually I did see the promo which was sent to me yesterday by way of the YouTube link.

  9. chris Says:

    It’s tight at 5,6 and 10 mainly due to a technicality. Due to a clerical error, Ch 3 gets NO CREDIT with Nielsen for Feb 5, the night of the tornadoes. That means Ch 5 gets to keep its 20 ratings (which 3 had also) but 3 get a ZERO. It’s tough to come back from.

  10. joelarkins Says:

    If it is a clerical error on the part of Nielson, I would think there would be some way to have that day tossed. Perhaps The GM could weigh in with his expertise on that.

  11. Another Voice Says:

    The reason that Ch 3 does not get CREDIT for Feb. 5 is because Ch 3 did not do what it was suppose to and Ch 5 did, as did WHBQ – it’s not a clerical error, it’s a mistake by Ch 3 and nobody else.

  12. Jim Says:

    You are correct.

  13. watching the ratings Says:

    It seems routine for Ch 3 to take an election day out of their ratings period. Shame on them!! FOX, CH 5 and 24 all count that day in their ratings book b/c it has high viewership across the board. For Ch 3 to take it out of their book every November and February what are they trying to say? When more viewers tune in they don’t do well? It just so happens that ‘Super’ Tuesday was instead ‘Supercell’ Tuesday and ratings were high for most of the stations. Ch 3 took that day out of the book. They got burned and serves them right…lesson learned!

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