Finally, I’m Back in the Saddle Again

Nothing like a tree across phone and power lines in the ‘hood to knock a person out of the loop. For someone who depends on the phone lines for a connection to the outdoor world, being “internetless” and “phoneless” for two days was tough. I was in the process of trying to catch up after being gone for a week to Florida for the shuttle launch and now I’m further behind because of my internet outage.

I’m curious about something that I see way too often and IMHO it’s a case of laziness and lack of attention to detail. It has to do with videotape of sunrises and sunsets and how some folks try to get away using one for the other. Okay, that makes no sense so let me explain. Have you ever noticed how someone in a documentary or film or perhaps even a news piece will need something like a shot of a SUNRISE. Instead of getting up early in the morning, someone just shoots a SUNSET and then they just reverse the video. There’s a problem with that though. The sun as it rises travels from the left side of the screen to the right and when it sets, it is still traveling from the left side of the screen to the right. When you reverse the video, the sun is traveling from the right to the left and doesn’t look natural. Of course the shot is rendered useless if a bird is flying or a plane is passing through the shot. I know I’m not the only one who has ever noticed this and I know in the grand scheme of things, there are a few other more important things in life such as “world peace” and “has anyone taken the dogs for a walk” today. Perhaps I’m “gripping things a little too tight” but to me it’s like staging video and not completely honest. And if you’re too lazy or not competent enough to shoot what you need, where do you draw the line. Okay, my wife tells me I’m over the top on this one. I don’t care. See what happens when I have no internet connection for two days.

If someone finds my wife, please return her to me.  I really don’t expect to see her around for the next three weeks.  Why?  March Madness that’s why.  She sat through the announcement of the tournament pairings on CBS, filling out the brackets.  I told her she could save some time as they would be on line by the end of the hour long show.  “It’s not the same” she says.  Wednesday night, she told me to fill out the brackets on who I thought would win.  She’s pleased to see that I predicted her alma mater (Vanderbilt) would venture so far in the tournament.  (Can you say sucking up to the boss!”)  As I write this, she has the Direct TV March Madness multiple games playing in the background in the office.  Yes, I figure she will surface in about three weeks.  If you see her between now and then, tell her I said “hey”.

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One Comment on “Finally, I’m Back in the Saddle Again”

  1. Ryan Vaughan Says:

    Vandy… not so good. WKU… best game so far. Go Toppers!

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