Odds and Ends on a Monday

I knew something serious was going on when I heard my wife shrieking from the office.  I’ve been hearing outbursts from my lovely and talented bride for the past few days.  The pups and I came running the first couple of times.  Turns out it’s just madness.  March Madness.  The latest eruptions came Sunday as Memphis appeared ready to lose in the last seconds to Mississippi State.  They held on to win.  Things are calm now.  The good nes is she’s NOT watching four games at once as she had been.  In fact there are NO games on at all right now.  I expect her to go into withdrawal until the next round starts later this week.  Then Newby, Mac and I will go into hiding and stay outside until the crazy woman who periodically takes over the house, ranting about poor coaching, unmotivated players, lucky shots and bad referees morphs back into that sweet, docile woman who has a soft spot in her heart for homeless dogs and  at least one former news anchor.

Speaking of former anchors, I ran across an item last Friday in Shoptalk about a news guy named Virg Jacques who was leaving Channel 5/WTTG in Washington, D.C.  Virg Jacques doesn’t know me from Adam but I remember him from when I was living in Bowling Green, KY wrapping up my studies at Western Kentucky University. (yes, at this writing, the Hilltoppers are still alive and well in the NCAA tournament).  VJ was one of the weekend anchors at WSMV in Nashville.  At the time in the Nashville market there were not too many people of color anchoring.  I think Ann Holt was anchoring at WNGE ( now WKRN) and somebody named Oprah had previously anchored at WTVF.   I always enjoyed watching Virg as he appeared to be a class act.  He eventually left and went north, perhaps to Detroit.  Anyway the item in Shoptalk took me back a few years.  

And finally, speaking of leaving, I remember reading something from the late Lewis Grizzard about transplants to his city of Atlanta.  Too many times people would move to Atlanta and then complain about how people “down here” are backwards and “that’s not how they do things” back where they came from.  Grizzard liked to remind fault-finding Yankees that if things were so good where they came from that “Delta was ready when you are”, referring to the old Delta Airlines slogan.  I thought of Grizzard and Delta when I was washing my wife’s car Saturday and a neighbor from across the alley stopped by.  This neighbor who is a Northern redneck from Pennsylvania (I’m a Southern redneck from Western Kentucky and rednecks know rednecks)  started complaining about the way they do things in Memphis.  He made comments how long it took to get our phone lines back and that they didn’t do a very good job, etc. While I will admit it took longer than expected and they hadn’t cleaned up ALL of the mess from when the big tree fell last week (from his yard, mind you)  I was still happy we had service and I figure the crews will be out in due time to get things wrapped up.  I just found it annoying that this guy was bitchin’ and bellyachin’ about things down south.  I really wanted to tell him “Hey Slick, Delta IS ready when you are”.  I didn’t.  My wife was screaming like a banshee from the house about some aspect of the basketball tournament so I had to go attend to her instead.

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3 Comments on “Odds and Ends on a Monday”

  1. Doug J. Says:


    Sorry, I thought I was commenting on Perez Hilton’s blog.

    Anyway, your good friend and mine, Jeff “Bubba” Woods, was fond of quoting that same Delta catchphrase when I’d make some comment or another about the Greater Memphis area. In fact, I believe we titled my going-away party in 1998 the “Delta is ready when Doug is” party. I guess since I’ve slinked back (slunk back?) to town, I wasn’t as ready as I thought I was.

  2. joelarkins Says:

    Hey, Memphis is addictive. Where else can you find the kind of entertainment that goes on in this city with dead people voting, police officers robbing, ministers setting fire to churches, people in East Memphis being devils, everybody hatin’ soembody, a mayor who may or may not step down from office and someone like me just trying to spread the love. I don’t blame you for coming back. I might question your sanity but I don’t blame you. You’re “Hooked on a feeling” Mister J.

  3. Shaun Fossett Says:

    Here’s some WSMV era Virg on YouTube (he comes up around 1:42):

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