A Memphis TV Guy Heads to Nashville and Some People Weigh in On the State of Local News

So long Nick Paranjape.  The former WMCer is now hosting mornings in his home town of Nashville.  I had posted previously that someone from Memphis was headed to Nashville but didn’t have a confirmation from the man himself (or anyone else from Union Ave. ) on the move so I didn’t name names.  I must have misunderstood as I was under the impression NP was going for the primary anchor post and that was not the case afterall.  I received an email this morning asking what happened to NP as he hasn’t been on the air and his job has been posted.  Well, now you know.  Here’s his bio posted on the Fox affiliate in Nashville. I also noticed in reading over the bios of several people on the Fox 17 station that they mentioned not just that these folks were married but that they were “happily” married.  Does that mean those who don’t have the word “happily” are NOT.  I’m just asking.

I’ve never made it much of a secret my opinion of TV consultants and those managers who try to implement ALL of the crap they sell.  Some interesting observations in Shoptalk’s Watercooler section on consultants and how they figure in on the state of local TV news.  One person seemed to be surprised that the consultants were being paid more than the primary anchors at one station.  The thread was summed up (at least when I read it) with this observation: The only reason Shakespeare said to kill all the lawyers is because there were no consultants back then.

I’m not sure I would go THAT far but it is am interesting observation.

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3 Comments on “A Memphis TV Guy Heads to Nashville and Some People Weigh in On the State of Local News”

  1. Daniel Says:

    What is going on at WMC ! Frist they run off Syan , now they let Nick get away . What’s up ?

  2. Vickie Says:

    Their big mistake was letting Joyce Peterson go, she made WMC have a little class

  3. Ryan Vaughan Says:

    Maybe the “happily married” line comes from their former Chief Met who is now at WSMV: http://www.timross.com/EMBEDDED%20VIDEOS/A%20Happy%20Marriage.html

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