Sweeps Pieces, Sexual Harrassment Lawsuits and Other Thoughts on Wednesday Afternoon

It’s Sweeps time here in the MidSouth. I haven’t seen any promotions so far for Giant Cockroaches Dressing Up as Hookers and Hanging Around School Yards Selling Drugs and Guns to Undercover Reporters Dressed in Women’s Clothing as They Try to Escape From Burning Cars but I suspect there’s something wacky out there. I see WREG is going Green by giving away a Hybrid Car along with a chance to win 300 dollars and 5-thousand dollars in cash. Just tune in tonight at 10. Somebody in promotions wasn’t thinking. That should have been Three Thousand dollars in cash. Never, ever use a competitors number such as “5”. Shame on you.

Meanwhile, WMC is giving away Dave Brown’s Vette. A nice side item to add to that would be that a different anchor (or perhaps a different weather anchor) at WMC would wash that car the first five times it rains. Now I would enter THAT contest. I didn’t see what Fox 13 WHBQ was giving away and I was told that WPTY was giving away DNA tests. Don’t know if someone was yanking my chain on that but hey, these days I wouldn’t be surprised.

In Shoptalk I ran across an interesting sweeps piece from Nawlins. WGNO in the Big Easy has combined reality TV with local news with the introduction of (all together now) WHEEL OF JUSTICE! According to the promo video on their website, folks at the station have a wheel with pictures of bad guys on it. They spin the wheel and whichever picture it lands on, that’s the guy the station will focus all of it’s effort on to bring to justice. I can see this spreading to other markets and I think it will be VERY, VERY popular until somebody pulls a gun and shoots a TV news person in the knee to set an example. I would NOT want to be on THAT beat.

I see where a former TV part time weatherman for WREG has been fired after a sexual harassment suit was filed against him and the judge ruled against him. Bob Stokes, formerly of The Weather Channel was let go from that gig after an unfavorable ruling on his behalf. The story which can be found on The Smoking Gun website shares details of the lawsuit which Landmark would love to keep hushed up until its sale of The Weather Channel and WTVF and KLAS goes through. I worked with Bob Stokes briefly on weekend nights after he left Little Rock TV back in the early 90s and was trying to find another weather gig. Nice guy IMHO. Moral of that story, keep your mouth shut when it comes to co-workers. If what you say can come back to haunt you, it probably will.

And finally, I had a chance to emcee the recent Volunteer Memphis/Hands On Memphis event.  I will admit I wasn’t first choice by any stretch of the imagination but the person who was supposed to do it was stuck at his station to cover severe weather for viewers and asked if I would step in to help him out.  I had a great time and saw a number of folks I hadn’t seen in person in a while including Rock 103’s Bad Dog McCormack, who put me into a headlock on stage , WREG’s Jim Jaggers who gave me a big hug on stage, and WHBQ’s GM John Koski who agreed just to shake my hand.  All in all, a good time was had by all. Congratulations to all the folks who were nominated for their volunteering efforts.  You help make the Memphis area a better place to live and work.

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6 Comments on “Sweeps Pieces, Sexual Harrassment Lawsuits and Other Thoughts on Wednesday Afternoon”

  1. joelarkins Says:

    Well shut my mouth. I can see the tie-in now. I now can say I’ve seen everything.
    Thanks for the link.

  2. Doug J. Says:

    It warms the cockles of my heart… maybe even the sub-cockle region, to know that there are still so many folks out there who hold you in the same regard as I do.

  3. The GM Says:

    Kudos to Doug J. for the Denis Leary reference from the song “A$@h@*e” I’m impressed.

  4. McCormack, John A. (Bad Dog) Says:

    It was good to see you too Joe. I don’t give hugs, just headlocks. Tell your lovely bride Bethany(sp?) hello for me. I probably hold her in higher regard than I do you. Keep on rockin’!!! I’m glad the Ronald McDonald House was honored and I am proud to be a part of their family. Black sheep but still part of the family none the less.
    Bad Dog

  5. AMNewsboy Says:

    Didn’t WMC do WoJ a couple of years ago? I seem to remember seeing it advertised as “coming soon” on their Web site. (I could totally be wrong, though.)

    I remember seeing NBC in Houston do that a few months ago, but I think this is the first time this particular sweeps stunt has gotten big notice… I can see how the idea is an attention grabber (even though, yes, it’s waaaaaaay hokey), but when we saw the first flew clips at work, we thought it just dragged too long. (Forget the pre-spin interview, just spin the gosh darn wheel already…)

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