One Man Who Used the “N” Word Gets the Boot And A Man Who Participated in a Movie Where the “N’ Word was Used Dies

Wow, a news operation in the South proves it ain’t whistling Dixie when it comes to NOT tolerating the use of the “N’ word in the newsroom. It seems the news anchor made a reference to a news producer who is black and called him the “N” word. The irony is that the person who got busted on this is black. According to an article in Shoptalk, veteran anchor Michael Scott at Huntsville, Al station WAAY-TV used the slur during a commercial break in a recent 10pm newscast. Managers have really cracked down on this kind of behavior ever since Don Imus uttered his comment about the Rutgers women’s basketball team a short while back and I’m glad to see that lack of tolerance.  As I have stated previously I grew up hearing the word, didn’t like and to this day don’t like to hear it.   I never understood how one black person could refer to another black person using that term whether in jest or in a derogatory fashion or however it was meant to be taken and I’ve heard it numerous times in a newsroom.   Some contended it was okay for a black person to refer to another black person using that term but that a white person should never consider such a thing.  To me it was like being a little bit pregnant.   I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of this.   I don’t know Michael Scott other than his previous claim to fame. Some of you fans of YouTube will remember seeing the clip of MS when he was attacked by a lizard of some sort during a newscast. For those of you who haven’t seen it, this will make you laugh.

And a very funny man has passed and I doubt if we see the likes of him again. Harvey Korman, perhaps best known by some for his stint on the Carol Burnett TV show died at the age of 81. I used to watch HK on the tube with the ensemble from the Caro Burnett show and watching him try NOT to laugh during the sketches was almost as funny as the bits in which her participated.  Still, one of the funniest roles he played IMHO was in the movie spoof “Blazing Saddles” which has been described as an effort to show how silly racism really is. In this movie the “N’ word is used quite liberally but the hero is a black man who helps save the day in this revised version of the old West. It’s a movie that could NOT possibly be made today but I think it helped make a point when it came out back in the 70s. Harvey Korman, your comic genius will be missed.

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2 Comments on “One Man Who Used the “N” Word Gets the Boot And A Man Who Participated in a Movie Where the “N’ Word was Used Dies”

  1. Doug J. Says:

    Seems fair that Scott was fired… if some people can’t use the “N” word at work, then nobody should be able to.

    Harvey Korman and Tim Conway. If they were cooking, the rest of the Burnett cast could take the night off.

    The impressive legacy of “Blazing Saddles” is that Burton Gilliam could play Lyle, Slim Pickens’ top henchman, as a mean-spirited cowpoke who used the “N” word with abandon — but is now able to reprise the character, complete to the red shirt and black leather vest, for a Ford dealership — with no complaints.

  2. AMNewsBoy Says:

    Way late to the game here on this one, but Scott had a history of personnel issues (at least, around here)… he was behind the anchor desk when KCTV made it to the #1 spot, sure — but at the same time, things were not well on (or off) the air. Barnhart documented it all pretty well; I think we up in KC were just waiting to see when he’d get the boot there.

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