Hair Pieces and HDTV Don’t Mix and How People Protesting a TV Show Help Boost the Ratings

I’ve never been one to buy new technology. Heck, when it comes to new gadgets, I’m somewhere in the middle of the pack. Don’t get me wrong, I love gadgets. I’m just not one to run out and buy the new software or new I-Phone or whatever has just come out. Never have been, never will be. So I’m still waiting for the Hi-Def TV’s to drop in price and figure sometime in the next year or two I might buy one. That doesn’t mean I don’t like HD, I do. I’ll just watch it at someone else’s house. Having said that, I HAVE noticed some changes in the lighting and make-up on programs that are broadcast in HD but that I still receive in Standard Definition. To be honest, what I see manages to show a few things I didn’t see before. Case-in-point: The Weather Channel. I tune in to TWC in time to catch Marshall Seese, Heather Tesch and Nicole Mitchell in the mornings. I guess the make-up folks got hold of NM and worked her over. She went from wearing some make-up Before HD to Glam Girl After HD. It seems to be overkill but when I checked by phone last no one had called me from TWC to ask my opinion.  HT appears to have been touched up too. But what caught my eye on Marshall Seese wasn’t his make-up but his “rug”. Maybe I just hadn’t noticed it before but it DOES NOT BLEND IN AT ALL on the sides and back anymore. I don’t know if someone just doesn’t have the heart to tell him that the deception just ain’t working anymore or nobody really cares. Now I will admit that I’ve been blessed with a full head of hair and other than a slight receding hairline, it’s just turned gray over the years, not loose. But folks, if what you’re wearing turns into a distraction whether clothes, jewelry or anything else, isn’t it just easier (in this case) to pull the plug on the rug? Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen some great toupees and hair extensions in 25 years of TV but I’ve seen my share of bad ones too. High Def is going to spill the beans on those who think they are fooling the viewing audience. I can’t wait to see what happens when Memphis TV goes HD,  Nuff said there.

I don’t get these groups who insist on protesting shows aired on the Boob Tube. I swear there must be consultants out there looking to drum up interest in a network show by pointing out to these “family oriented groups ” that some show on network TV has something offensive in it. This rallies the family oriented groups to form protests and create letter and email writing campaigns which results in publicity and articles in newspapers and then some bonehead like me blogging on it.  The latest show being protested is something on CBS called “Swingtown”.  It was on the front page of the Commercial Appeal. Maybe it’s just me but if it is truly trash, then people won’t watch.  If viewers are looking for something racy, there’s plenty of stuff on the internet or cable.  But no, these “FOG” groups insist on inadvertently  drumming up support for shows that probably would die a quick death if not for the publicity the protesters create.  Wasn’t there some show on NBC a couple of years ago about a priest and a drug problem and it got everyone up in arms?  Didn’t it get yanked a few episodes later?  Folks, I’m glad to see there are watchdogs out there (and I’m not speaking of Mike Matthews at WREG) but don’t be so quick to be offended and use your time, money and effort on something that’s actually a threat.  Try this, use the parental controls on your TV to block the show or get your kids outside for some activity or maybe even read a book to them.  In other words, don’t watch and don’t drum up support for some piece of trash by giving it unnecessary publicity.  Okay, now I need to stop blogging so I can set my TIVO to record “Swingtown” so I can see what all the fuss is about.  I’m glad I read about this protest in the paper as otherwise I’d have never know about this show.  Thank you “family oriented groups” for helping expose me to trash.

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7 Comments on “Hair Pieces and HDTV Don’t Mix and How People Protesting a TV Show Help Boost the Ratings”

  1. JD Says:

    Hi Joe!
    I can remember early in either 1991 or 1992 where a group of concerned citizens came to the Police Director’s Office in Memphis and wanted to complain about NYPD Blue. These citizens had a copy of the first show and in it , there appeared the bare back side of Dennis Franz in all it’s “full moon” glory. He then gets shot while involved in the “flagrant delecto” with a blonde co star.

    After the presentation the grouped asked Chief Eddie Adair if the MPD was going to join in the protest. He told them he couldn’t get involved at the present because the Attorney General needed to see it first. The CA put it out about the groups and their visit.

    I asked Chief Adair what he really thought, and his reply was: “I hope they get a more in shape actor for the role! Gravity has took it’s toll on Mr. Franz bad!”

    As you know the show stayed on the air for a long time and did push the envelope. I am just glad they did not show that first show in High Definition!

  2. Doug J. Says:

    FIRST!!!! Sorry, thought I was posting to Perez Hilton again.

    Anyway, I’ve been reading for a couple of years about the impact HD is going to have on local news folks — although I’ve heard that “adjustments” can be made to the lenses to make them more forgiving to on-air folks.

    And I don’t care what you say — I want some fake hair!!! The shooters at 3 were always trying to get my bald spot in reverse shots! It’s not a bald spot anymore; it actually has more real estate now — I’ve just got a couple of “hair spots” on the sides and back… (sob)

  3. Doug J. Says:

    You mean I wasn’t first? Drat! (keepin’ the language clean so the Family-Oriented Groups don’t come after the blog!)

  4. the tall tv guy Says:

    I remember watching NYPD Blue, not due to the controversy, but it was a well done, gritty cop show.

    There was an episode when an actor’s rear was going to be seen, Channel 13 (ABC at the time) had a second or two blip. The station explained technical problems at first, but then a memo was leaked where the network suggested stations with vocal protests to filter the questionable scene.

    It’s almost funny. Soap operas have racy story lines all the time. But if everyone was happy, no one cheating on their mate, etc., the show would be cancelled for being dull.

  5. Brad Says:

    As a homegrown Memphian, A.C. Gilless had the worst haipeice that I can recall.

  6. prophet1 Says:

    It can be distracting to see a anchor person with a hair piece. I like Tim SImpson but sometimes I’m at my TV trying to figure if he has on a hair piece or not. Like I said, I like him. I think he was one of the greatest weatherman outhtere and I have worked with him personally. He is a great guy but I think it is a hair piece. That can be a major distration that should be fixed.

  7. joelarkins Says:

    If you can’t tell by looking that someone has a hairpiece, that’s not an issue. I had people ask me if I wore a toupee. I don’t. My beef is with those who wear something that is so obvious that it is distracting. Some people have a hair piece that is skillfully interwoven and matches their real hair, etc. It’s the ones that don’t blend it, that are quite obvious that are distracting.

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