Loud Commercials in Memphis & Tim Russert

I really do not understand what the deal is with the overly loud commercials on the TV. First let me say that I took calls for years from people, especially on weekend nights at WREG , asking why we played the commercials so much louder than the regular programming. I would always call back to master control (when we had one before they were outsourced to Norfolk, VA) and ask them if we were playing the commercials louder than normal. They would tell me the same thing: “the commercials are playing at the same volume as regular programming” and I would in turn share that information with the caller who would insist that the commercials were blasting them so much that they had to turn down the volume before regular programming would resume and they would then have to bring the volume back up. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that when a dozen or more people call to complain, that something is going on with the commercials. I’ve lived with the headache of loud commercials for years until the arrival of TIVO and have been able to zip most of the loudness and annoyance. Sunday, I wasn’t parked in front of a TV set with a TIVO device and had to deal with the loudness all afternoon. I would have blamed the loud commercials on cable but I have Direct TV on that particular set and it was set to cable channels, not local TV stations so I really don’t know what the deal is on the overly loud TV commercials. Perhaps I’m the only one who has an issue with the loud commercials. Somehow I doubt it. Maybe it’s just a Memphis thing.

I want to go on the record saying that I really got distressed over the passing of Tim Russert Friday. I thought he was head and shoulders above everyone else when it came to politics. I always thought he was outstanding on “Meet the Press” and I think his presence will be sorely missed come general election time. I watched the coverage of his passing and his passing saddened me greatly. Having said that, it’s time to move on. He wasn’t God or anywhere close.  He was a TV news guy who happened to do his job very well.  I really don’t think Peter Jennings garnered this much attention when he passed.  Maybe he did and I just don’t remember it.  Granted, PJ was suffering from cancer for a while and TR died suddenly of a heart attack and he (TR) was younger to boot.  But Russert died Friday and he appeared to still be all over the news Sunday on the talk shows and such.  I’m sorry that he passed but come on folks, let him go.  Keep his memory in your heart but let’s stay focused on what’s going on in the U-S and the world.  I can’t say this with certainty but I would bet that’s what Tim Russert would say.

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6 Comments on “Loud Commercials in Memphis & Tim Russert”

  1. Brad Says:

    Russert was the best. You can’t deny that. For me, if it was Sunday, “It was Meet the Press.” Jennings was the best anchor. Only Cronkite is better for a national newscast.

  2. Pam Crittendon Roberson Says:

    I, too was very sorry to hear of Tim Russert’s passing. And I, too, was surprised at the amount of memorial coverage. It was on the level of the passing of a president. I mean he was good, but really!

  3. Doug J. Says:

    I had noticed when I was in the employ of a well-known cable news network that all the news organizations tend to jump on things in ways that seem out-of-proportion to the rest of us.

    They always go buck wild when the Pope is up to something… but you never see the same type of coverage of any other head of a religion. Is it because the Catholic Church does things with a lot more ceremony — or because it’s easy to cover?

    And while I don’t want to downplay the importance of Russert’s passing; I think it’s obvious that it wasn’t the most important story of the day; but you wouldn’t have known that watching cable news on Friday. He was a big deal to network news decision-makers, so they assumed it would be a big deal for the rest of us. Everybody in the business knows everybody else, so they huddle up to comfort each other, which is good — but we had to watch.

    I’d wonder whether we’ll see the same intensity of coverage when Cronkite, Rather, Brokaw or even Wolf Blitzer passes away.

  4. The GM Says:

    Here’s the deal with the Russert coverage. He died Friday afternoon. It was Father’s Day weekend. He wrote a national best seller on the father/son relationship. His show is every Sunday. It was a shock. It’s an election year and he was the consumaate political guru. TV folks had great respect for him and guess who controls the TV coverage — TV folks.

    Besides, he was a giant and the Sunday memorial on Meet the Press made me cry because I lost my dad two years ago. Russerts book spoke for many and when I heard some of his quotes like “can you believe a Russert meeting the President of the United States” and “what a country!”, all of those emotions and love for my dad rushed back and hit me in the face. He was the successful, likeable, everyman.

    The GM

  5. Daniel Says:

    I hated to hear of Tim’ passing.For NBC to say Russert was different than any body they have, tells me their not do’ing their job!All news people should be fair but tough on both r’s and d’s .

  6. RP...(Richard) Says:

    May Tim rest in peace!

    I notice on the digital channel(WREG) thru DirecTv that the commercials are louder. Seems mostly at night tho and to be honest, I have noticed it on other channels, mainly the HD counterparts. Not only louder but also at times the audio/video is out of sync.
    I have read that the volume problem is due mainly to the fact that there are no set standards for HD channels as far as audio is concerned, volume wise. Someone correct me if I am wrong about this.

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