Apprently I Struck a Nerve with Someone DOTR and A Former ND with WREG Resigns

Wow, I hit a nerve with someone who professes to work at WREG on my recent post about how times were tight. In that post I mentioned how I was told by a reliable source that a planned out of town excursion was made possible because the reporter and the videographer ended up staying with relatives and therefore did not run up a hotel bill. Apparently that trip wasn’t going to happen or was less likely to happen if they didn’t stay with relatives. I didn’t say it was the case with ALL travel. Apparently someone Down On The River read more into my post than what I wrote. The writer then took me too task, telling me how WREG had sent crews and a satellite truck to Nashville to cover the John Ford trial. (Boy, if they didn’t do that how could they claim to be the news leader !) I was also enlightened as to how people DOTR laughed at what I wrote and then went on to share with me how I didn’t know one part of my anatomy from another. Gosh, I feel like I’m back in TV news. I’m also reminded of what a former ND DOTR used to say. “I don’t care what they say as long as they get the call letters right and tune in”. By the way, I recently purchased a can of Shinola so I DO know the difference if you ever decide to make that observation. Remember to chuckle after you read this.

Speaking of former news directors DOTR. I see where a former ND has resigned from her post in Kansas. According to an article shared with me by a former co-worker DOTR and I later saw some information in Shoptalk, Michele Gors resigned this past Tuesday. Didn’t say where she was going or what she was going to do. IMHO Gors got left holding the bag when a previous GM at WREG moved up in the company. Until that time she was considered by some and perhaps had been promised or hinted at least that she was on the fast track for an eventual GM post elsewhere in the company. But her fortunes changed when that GM who was sort of her mentor got a new title and another GM stepped in. She ended up leaving the company for a Vice President/ND post with a company that had a station in Kansas. Apparently someone there didn’t like the cut of her jib and according to some folks who posted responses to the above mentioned article referred to Gors as “News lite” and contended she had encouraged Soccer Mom type news. So Gors resigned last Tuesday. But she knows how to play the game so she will land at another station is she so desires if she hasn’t already.

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One Comment on “Apprently I Struck a Nerve with Someone DOTR and A Former ND with WREG Resigns”

  1. Doug Johnson Says:

    Sounds like things are a little TENSE on Channel 3 Drive. Don’t be defensive guys. I have noticed the sat truck was gone for extended periods over the last couple of weeks… but that doesn’t mean that things aren’t tight for other trips. The last time they sent me to Nashville, we had to be back the same day.

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