Raycom, Local TV or Someone Else AND There Appears to be a Ghost in Our Radio

One of the two stations in Memphis could learn today if they will have a sister station in the Music City. Staff at WTVF are scheduled for a meeting at 8:55 this morning where the managers are expected to announce who won in the bidding for WTVF and KLAS. Both Raycom and Local TV were in the bidding and a rumor has been going around for the last couple of weeks that Raycom was the winner. Anyway, the speculation will be put to rest this morning one way or another. Raycom has been a big dog especially in the southeast but Local TV has grown in recent weeks with the number of Fox affiliates it picked up. Whichever group gets the soon-to-be-former Landmark stations, it will be quite the feather in that group’s hat. Both are great stations with great histories and great reputations as news leaders.

I need help. No, that kind. I need help with why my radios, when monitoring a specific channel will suddenly fade or go silent or start blaring while we’re listening to a program. The station is WKNO in Memphis. My wife and I listen to the morning news while working in our office or if we are in the kitchen. Two separate radios, one old and one not so old. Other than the station itself, there is no common denominator. We’re not walking around the radio when the volume changes so it can’t be an antenna thing. The station has gone digital and broadcasts in High Def (that’s what they tell us anyway) but the signal we receive should not be the so-called HD since we don’t have HD receivers. Could it be something with the digital signal? It can be quite annoying to be listening to a station and then it starts to fade like the old AM signals and then will suddenly start blaring like someone turned up the volume. Maybe it IS a ghost which has right wing leanings and just doesn’t want us to hear that left wing “liberal” stuff. Anyone have any thoughts or experienced anything like what I’ve described?

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