Longtime Memphis TV Weatherman Brian Teigland Has Died

Not very many things I’m told actually stun me but news this morning from several folks hit me like a punch to the stomach. My friend and former colleague Brian Teigland has died. One of the callers contacting me indicated that Brian had been in and out of the hospital recently but gave no cause of death. Brian who has been with WPTY/WLMT for several years now was working at WREG doing weather when I arrived in 1989. This was his second stint in that position. He had left to go north (Detroit I think) before returning to work with his close pal Jerry Tate. They had a great relationship. Brian used to refer to Jerry as “the Tater Man”. Brian and I didn’t work together on set that much but he was always such an easy going guy around the newsroom. Occasionally when he filled in on weekends, he and I would talk. Knowing that I enjoyed all things “outdoors” Brian had shared with me how his dad had been given some original art work from an artist who created material for “duck stamps”. Brian had a quirky sense of humor and when he was on a roll, it came out in full force. He was the one who unveiled the “Jerry Tate” mask on the air while working at 3. I think it was around Halloween. It was also before I got there. Once when Brian and I were working together at the MidSouth Fair (he was doing weather and I was doing a live shot feature) we had trouble with people crowding behind us acting crazy and messing up our live shots. So he and I devised a plan where we stood about 8 feet apart with the videographer shooting the live shot kind of standing between us. As we prepared for MY live shot, the videographer turned the camera on Brian who looked like he was about to go on the air. Naturally the crowd gathered behind him. With the producer back at the station screaming for the shooter to put the camera on me, the camera swung off Brian with about 5 seconds to go before we hit the live shot and focused on me. I was finished with the first part of my “Sony sandwich” before any of the crowd behind Brian understood what was going on. I managed to finish my live shot without much interference. We used the same technique to some degree with Brian’s weather. Brian left WREG under some circumstances which I still don’t know about or even understand. I know his presence was missed DOTR. I was happy to see Brian resurface a few years later on WPTY/WLMT. I ran into Brian on occasion around town and we also briefly chatted. One memorable story he shared occurred not long after comedian Robin Williams had come to town for a performance at the Orpheum. Brian told me that he (Brian) was in the lobby of the Peabody and saw Robin Williams walking across the lobby with his luggage. Brian said that he figured he had nothing to lose and just walked up and started talking to RW who turned out to be quite the down to earth kind of guy and was quite willing to talk. So Brian came away with a great story and some memories and perhaps a friend. But that was the way Brian was. To my knowledge he never met a stranger and perhaps that’s why he was always so well received in so many homes in the Midsouth. Brian Teigland will be sorely missed by his friends and colleagues.

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19 Comments on “Longtime Memphis TV Weatherman Brian Teigland Has Died”

  1. Joe Gannon Says:

    Wow, that is shockingly sad news. My thoughts are with Brian and his family. I remember right after I started at WREG, I happened to see Brian and family in Target. Even though I was new DOTR, he couldn’t have been nicer.

  2. Pam Crittendon Roberson Says:

    I, too, am shocked and saddened at this news. Brian was one of the nicest guys ever – I have many fond (and funny) memrories of working with him DOTR. He was a class act, and my prayers go out to his family.

  3. AMNewsBoy Says:

    I remember Oscar night about 10 years ago (when 24’s news was still comparatively new)… the late news way late, and they came to Brian for a weather tease… he deadpanned “It’s 8 minutes ’til midnight, and I get off at midnight. We’ll make this quick.”

    That sense of humor made him one of my favorite Memphis weather folks during his time at 3 and 24/30… he’ll be missed.

  4. Eric Russell Says:

    The word of the day is, “Shock.” Wow. My parents always watched WREG and thus I remember Brian from his stint down there way back when. He just seemed so darned loose and comfortable behind he camera.

    My condolences to family, friends, and former co-workers. May God give you all peace in the this difficult time.

  5. Doug J. Says:

    He was a good guy.

  6. Donald S. Says:

    A great man has been lost. I had the pleasure of meeting brian at the gas station I work at just two days ago, He seemed so full of life so much energy and a great personality. When I heard of his death earlier, My heart sank into my stomach. I grew up watching him at WREG and watched him on cw 30. He will be missed and my thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends and co-workers.

  7. Michelle Robinson Says:

    I am so saddened by the news of Brian passing. We worked together for six years at 24/30 and I have so many fond memories. Thanks Joe for sharing a few of your personal experiences with him. I, too, remember doing live reports at the Fair with Brian doing weather and it was always fun. It was a year ago about this time when Brian and I saw each other at former colleague Wendell Stacey’s memorial. Now this is almost too much to take. He will be deeply missed and my prayers go out to Cindy, his children and his entire family both personal and in news.

  8. Mark Says:

    My favorite weatherman.

  9. I can’t add a thing more than what has been said here. But only to “ditto” that Brian was a class act, the way it should be done! I was out shooting a story here today for our magazine on a soccer field and our old colleague from there in Memphis, Paul Luke, (now in D.C.) texted me with the sad news. Yvette and I both were knocked over. I was coming in the door at WREG in the early 90’s as he had left and then had the wonderful opportunity to work with Brian over a decade later at 24 before we left television altogether. He was so easy to do live Q & A’s with on the air during severe weather.

    I think what I remember most about his on air stint were those, “Wednesday Weather Bag Days!”

    Brain you will be missed and our prayers as well to your family.

  10. Rob and Jan Sawyer Says:

    The Rob Sawyer family is shocked and saddened at this news. Our hearts are with this family and we will be spending the weekend remembering Brian’s work and long-time journalistic contributions to the community.

  11. Ryan Vaughan Says:

    Our prayers go out to his wife and kids. 53 is too young.

  12. Don W. Says:

    It is very rare in the television business to get an opportunity to work with someone who was as qenuine as Brian. He was always smiling and no one loved to laugh more than Brian. I will miss him every day. I feel blessed to have had that opportunity to work with him both at WREG and now at WPTY. Joy and I have spent a good deal of time today sharing old Brian stories…..somehow it seems to help. May God bless his family.

  13. the tall tv guy Says:

    I remember the night he suggested the viewers to hurry out to their local store to get the “very popular but dreaded” Jerry Tate halloween mask. A little shock at first but very funny. Prayers of peace and comfort to his family.

  14. The GM Says:

    How very sad. A good guy and a broadcaster who loved his profession. He will be missed.

    The GM

  15. Kenni W Says:

    Wow,this is so sad. Although,I dont know him, he seemed like a real stand up guy…My prayers to his family…He was a great man..

  16. Tom Stocker Says:

    One addendum, Joe…

    When BT unveiled the Jerry mask, et al on the Weatherbag, I wqs always the poor sap who had to follow that segment…somehow with a straight face and composure. Right.

  17. joelarkins Says:

    Tom, Good hearing from you and thanks for checking in.

  18. Brian Davis (UBN Network) Says:

    I had a few minutes to talk to Brian at our Mississippi State Graduation. He was instantly a fun and special guy to talk too. Although he was working at a much larger station than I, he never acted better than anyone else and feel that I was blessed to know him even if for a short time.

  19. Taylor Teigland Says:

    Hi. I’d like to thank you and everyone for all of your kind words. I’m glad you all got to know him for it was most definitely a pleasure.

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