So Long to One Bad Mother…..(Shut Your Mouth)..I’m Just Talking About Isaac Hayes

My wife and I were attending a Memphis Redbirds games Sunday afternoon and the folks we were with had to leave before the end of the game for a scheduled late afternoon rendezvous with family south of Jackson, TN. So were were strolling out of the stadium with a quick walk through of the Redbirds store. As we looked through the stuff there my friend pointed at the TVs which were turned to WMC for the Olympic coverage. There on a crawl at the bottom of the screen was the announcement that singer/songwriter/voice-over man and all around musical icon Isaac Hayes was dead and that more information would be coming on the Action News newscast. My friend had remarked earlier in the day after seeing a story about comedian Bernie Mac’s death that we should expect a third celebrity death shortly. I’ve never really subscribed to the “deaths occurring in threes” scenario. People die all the time and I think it coincidence if some well known name goes on to meet his or her great reward. Now if all celebrities die in threes say within 48 hours of each other and they do this on a regular basis, that would be a different matter. Also, what constitutes a celebrity. Do they actually need to have made a contribution to society in some form or fashion or can they just be famous for being famous such as Paris or Brittney? But I digress. I only met Mr. Hayes one time and that was about ten years ago at a downtown function in what was Captain Bilbo’s. I remember thinking he was smaller in stature than I thought he would be. But then so was Elvis. Somehow I expect these larger-than-life people to be, well, larger than life. Mr. Hayes was also a little more quiet than I expected him to be. Still, he was friendly and I told him it was an honor to finally meet him face to face. Later, when my wife and I had season tickets to the Redbirds during their first years at Autozone Park, Mr. Hayes sang the national anthem at one of the games. He was decked out in a blue outfit that flowed around him like the music that sprang forth from him. I thought at some point my wife and I might make it to his restaurant but that never happened. Then the eatery closed. Monday morning as I read the various articles about him in the Commercial Appeal I discovered his touch/influence on the music world and popular culture was even more far reaching than I thought. And he gave back to the city as well. On top of everything else, Mr. Hayes brought a sense of pride to the Bluff City. This is a great thing for a city that has an inferiority complex (and not a very good one at that!). Mr. Hayes may not be as well known as the two kings of music in Memphis (Elvis and B.B.) but it’s safe to say he is still considered royalty and if he isn’t a king then he’s at least a prince. He will be missed.

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2 Comments on “So Long to One Bad Mother…..(Shut Your Mouth)..I’m Just Talking About Isaac Hayes”

  1. Ready Camera One, Take Two Says:

    Isaac did a lot for Memphis. The nice thing was that he lived here.

    Joe, the third this time would be Estelle Getty of The Golden Girls.

    Under the unfortunate circumstances here’s an interesting website:

  2. the tall tv guy Says:

    Joe, I understand Issac was a big Memphis Tiger fan, from several alums and fans. As the first poster mentioned, our loss of Issac will be felt in many areas. Peace and comfort to his family.

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