Seven Years Since the “Day That Will Live in Infamy”

I think back to the day that the United States lost its innocence.  I’m talking about 9-11.  Depending on how you look at things since then, we’ve either been lucky or we’ve managed to stop terrorists from following up with another attack.  Personally I think we’ve been lucky, but that is my opinion.  I’ve seen a few snippets of video from 9-11and it always brings an ache to my heart to see it.  I didn’t see any of the 9-11 video played at the Republican convention.  For what it’s worth, I didn’t watch any of either political conventions.  I consider both to be pageants with everything scripted and not worth my time.  (I always wait for the highlight reels and as usual, there were no surprises. )   But just because I can’t watch the videos from 9-11doesn’t mean I will forget what happened on that awful day.  On the contrary, the images from that day are seared into my memory in ways that are beyond description.  As a private pilot, I thought the first plane crash into the WTC was an accident.  Then watching the second plane crash into the twin towers made me sick to my stomach.  Later when the towers came crashing down I felt a sense of loss that I still don’t think I’ve come to grips with.  I have visited Ground Zero since then.  I found it to be an overwhelming experience and later Bethany and I walked through the nearby church that was used as a triage area.  It seemed to make the church a more holy place if that is at all possible.

On 9-11 this year I will travel with my wife as she works on a project for one of her clients.  It seems that on 9-11-2001, two women who work for one of her clients both gave birth.  For the last couple of years,  the mother of one of those children has taken her child to local police and fire stations to meet with people who staff both.  This year both moms will take their children to visit law enforcement officers and fire department crews on 9-11.  These children will say “thank-you” to those folks for being willing to put their lives on the line for people they generally don’t know.  It’s a local tribute to those who did the same thing in New York seven years ago and made the ultimate sacrifice. I think it’s a great idea.

Finally, there are many things about the United States that I wished were better.  But in the final analysis this is still a great country.  That’s why a lot of people still risk their lives to get here.  So on this day I say “God Bless America”.

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2 Comments on “Seven Years Since the “Day That Will Live in Infamy””

  1. brad Says:

    I agree with you, Joe. We’ve been lucky.

  2. the tall tv guy Says:

    Well written, Joe. I went to a memorial service at Hope Presbyterian Church a couple of days after 9/11. It was packed, so I sat in the back. The Pastors spoke of trying to make sense and to get through the aftermath of the event with God’s help. What was very moving was at the end, we sang “God Bless America”, I believe, and in and instant, everyone grabbed the hand of the person next to them and held the hands above their heads as to say, you’ve knocked us down, but we will get up and prevail. It’s a memory I’ll never forget. We live in a changed world. We have been blessed not to have another attack on American soil since.

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